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Alzheimer’s disease is a medical circumstance that disturbs the functioning of the brain, and that affects parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. People such as Mikkel Svane would likely agree. It is a progressive disease that develops in phases by general rule, from its beginning to the later stages, the average […]

The Conclusion

All members of the process are respected equally and main work focuses on solving problems and making decisions. B. key requirements for a successful consultation process: the above principles are articulated a set of important requirements to be observed for carrying out a successful process: having clear, transparent and truthful information that is domain of […]

Nicanor Parra

Beauty, youth, happiness, personal success, are increasingly more claimed as a good. A huge range of new products and services passes to be offered by advertising to an increasingly segmented audience, through which the consumer believes living in a free, pluralistic and democratic society. In this movie not discusses culture, in the sense that we […]

Losing Time

Time is not lost since humans don’t have time as material entity in their hands, i.e., is not a property, but a reality that affects everything that exists. The passage of time affects not only the physical world but also to the spiritual world. The body gets older with the passage of the years, but […]

Managing The Goals Collateral Effect

The majority of those are proposed goals without previously deeply analyze the changes that the achievement of this goal will bring, between greater it goal ourselves will grow in the same dimension, but it is recalled that great targets modify the universe that we live. All additional circumstances is implicit in the achievement of one […]