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But, the aging alone emerges and comes to consolidate itself while social phenomenon of high relevance in this century, through the Gerontologia. Gerontologia can thus be classified: basic a-Gerontologia? Science that studies the aging process, focusing the biofisiologia, the genetics, the imunologia and the aging the levels cellular and to subcelular. social b-Gerontologia? With the evolution of the times, and the increase of the longevity, it had the necessity of a bigger attendance to the aged ones, from there the sprouting of a branch of the Gerontologia – the social Gerontologia. I fear it of the Gerontologia was created through the junction of the words Greeks: I generate = old and lgia/worthy = study/science, in 1903 for Elie Metchnikoff, successive Hungarian doctor of Pasteur, as the science that studies the oldness; in 1909 the science appears called the Geriatria name that studies the oldness in doctor-sanitary terms, created for the Austrian doctor Ignataz L. Nascher.

However, it was in 1922 that he had the systematization of knowing in this area, when Stanlet psychologist Hall published the Senescence book, the last half of life, contradicting the belief of that the oldness is simply the reverse of adolescence. Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions. As it is of custom in all the areas of scientific knowing, some obstacles had had that to be surpassed, so that it was arrived today at the observed process. We can affirm that the delay in the construction of the knowledge in gerontologia can be attributed: 1-A supervaluation of the geriatria on other fields of the Gerontologia. 2-A difficulty of the Gerontologia to reaffirm as science and to define as field of performance and construction of knowledge. 3-A resistance to the accomplishment of inquiry with character to interdisciplinar.

(cf. Papalo 2002 p.7). In 1942 the American Geriatric Society and in 1946 was created the Gerontological Society of America and the Division of Maturity and Old Age of the American Psychological Association, that proves the systematic interest for the oldness, where already perceived an intensification of this process of population aging in the United States, and from 50 years France, England and Germany also start to live deeply this process with a significant increase in the ratio of aged people in its populations.


Shalmali Alireza

Dr. Ruhi Shalmali Alireza (Iran) 2008 STRUCTURE PULP odontoblasts (ODB)-cells specific for the pulp to form dentin and provide its trophic. Nearby ODB related intercellular connections through which a layer of ODB able to perform a barrier function by regulating the movement of molecules and ions between the pulp and predentinom. Samsung has much to offer in this field. fibroblasts (FB) – the most numerous cells of the pulp in young people. Function FB – developing and maintaining required composition of the intercellular substance of connective tissue, the absorption and digestion of components of the intercellular substance. Signs of high activity typical of FB teeth of young people.

Macrophages (MF) pulp provide updates of pulp, taking part in the capture and digestion of dead cells and components of the intercellular substance. Phagocytize microorganisms, participating in the development of immune responses as antigen-presenting effector cells. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. Dendritic cells (DCs) – in the cytoplasm contained numerous pinocytic vesicles, well developed lysosomal apparatus. Are antigen-presenting cells and the function – the absorption of various antigen processing and presentation of their lymphocytes. Induce proliferation of T lymphocytes. Contents Ak increases with maturation of the pulp increases with antigenic stimulation. Lymphocytes (LC) – a small amounts during inflammation their content increases dramatically. LC pulp belong to different subpopulations of T cells, dominated by cytotoxic suppressor.

B cells do not normally occur when inflammation becomes numerous. These cells actively synthesize immunoglobulins (mainly IgG) and provide a response of humoral immunity. mast cells (MC) – are located around blood vessels, characterized by the presence in the cytoplasm large granules that contain biologically active substances: heparin, histamine, eosinophil chemotactic factor and leukotriene C.


The Arguments

In addition, the trend line is began on 28th July, also intersects with the level of $ 1325.00. Line downward Fibonacci 0.382 of 28th July to 9th of November, also shows for $ 1325. From the foregoing, I conclude that the level of $ 1,325 will probably be a strong resistance level and reporting mark for the bulls and the beginning of a new rally. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. Let's just look at the relationship between silver and gold, if you still need the arguments in favor of buying gold. Although silver has not received much publicity in the hands this year as gold futures is very quiet up to $ 10.00 up to $ 29.34 This movement is equal to $ 50,000 for a single contract or a gold equivalent, smooth increase of gold from $ 1000 to $ 1500! Phenomenal movement … and this happened for 3 month! At this movement, the relationship between gold and silver sank to its lowest level since 2008, when gold was around $ 1000 and silver was above $ 20.00. While the ratio was 48.8 and now it is 52.5 Indicator 50 days for MCA This ratio shows the level of 57.8 and 200 63.9 MCA shows I want to see this ratio at 55-57, before I start looking for possible long entry.

When gold was $ 1350, 3rd November, silver was $ 24.00, which gave to ratio slightly above 55. This is yet another confirmation of my beliefs about the possibility of installing a new long position in gold at this level. Recommendations on options for Gold: You can ask me the question: 'What do I do if gold will not reach our level of $ 1325, and instead focus on today's level of $ 1350, or will unfold in general, and start a new upward movement? I then lose the ability to log into a new position and will miss the chance to earn back gold? " – No! You can add the sales strategy of the option, while you are waiting for lowering the market to at least $ 1325 and possibly $ 1290. If someone asked you today if you want to have a long position in gold at the $ 1300 and still get $ 1350, what would you say? If you say 'Yes', then you may consider selling the December 1300 put option, which will give you $ 1350 and bonus payments. This option ends on the 28th of December sale of the options include unlimited risk, and may not be suitable for everyone investor. If you are interested in strategies with options, contact your introducing broker and he will explain all the nuances of the more detailed detalyah.Esli market will fall to $ 1290, you will be assigned a long position at the level of $ 1300. With the premium you received from the sale of put option, you will cover the costs. If the market does not fall to this level you simply exit the position with a profit of $ 1350


Coalition Provisional Authority

When a language like Spanish is spoken in so many different countries, it is not surprising that in each country have developed different preferences in the vocabulary. This page is an approximation to these differences, most often referring to the vocabulary, ie, to that used in any context, including the cult.

The following tables are arranged in an arbitrary manner, and that management Alphabetic no use, unless priority to the sense of a country on the other.

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Roof Repair

Equips the roof in winter? If you wish to do repairs to the roof of a building or to update the design, then it is probably a necessary measure. It's important to consider building strategy. consider to be a plan laying roof to make it guaranteed Hydro-insulated and safe. Rooftops obustraivayutrazlichnoy form. Color of the roof should be good to think that it does not spoil the design of buildings. Still need to beforehand think about what building materials for the roof you will use. Of course we should not forget that you lie down or renovating the roof in winter.

And it is unnecessary problems. Can begin, and hail, which threatens significantly disrupt the deadlines for construction. For even more analysis, hear from Samsung. It may also begin icing or strong wind gusts. That is why before starting the installation or construction of the roofs of the houses is to take care of the auxiliary inventory, which is designed to protect the construction of the surprises of nature. You can use an awning that will protect and keep from moisture and heat. About the specifics of winter pores should not be forgotten. Frost and various kinds of bad weather can significantly prolong the time required for ancillary works. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro. A small light-day is also able to increase the duration of the installation or construction of the roof.

Construction work in the winter the length of time adversely affect the final result. After all building materials for decorating the roof must be frost. Sometimes it is necessary to change the methods of stowage. Many kinds of materials for the roof is important heating. For example, polymer-bitumen roofing materials require heating. Needed to heat the bitumen layer to attach to the sheathing of shingles. Therefore it does not quite fit. Roof from a metal less time-consuming work. By the way, you will manage the purchase of metal at a price much acceptable. In addition, repair of metal roofing is not afraid of the impact of both negative and warm temperatures.


Oxygen And Lungs

Reduced oxygen content makes the lungs work harder, it improves blood flow and, consequently, increases the oxygen capacity blood. If the holiday is far from – breathe the mountain air at gipoksikatore "Mountain Air". Win: you're on the straight path to longevity, and still is the biggest "energiser". Already after 10 sessions of the people "heavy mental labor" note that the day was to end soon. Click Mashable for additional related pages. After a course of 30 training sessions, they literally "pyshut 'health. A 30 classes per year prolong life for at least 3 years.

Anti-stress weapon number 5. Infrared and cedar sauna phyto- Strategy stress: play pranks nervishki appeared overweight and rashes on the skin, "crawling" the hair, muscles and joints ache as if you were carrying bags all day … The tactics of the fight: a phyto-cedar sauna is known to us even from the ancient Slavs. Bath – a cedar barrel with fragrant pine extracts. Phyto-sauna can use even those not tolerate conventional sauna.

Infrared cabin differs in that the heat penetrates deep into the body, uniformly warming it and causing profuse sweating. Win: Who steamed, does not old! You got rid of the loyal friends of stress – toxins, the skin became smooth and silky, wrinkles smoothed out, the muscles relax, the pain disappeared in the joints and back, the immune system works like clockwork. Anti-stress weapon 6. Mora-therapy strategy for stress: he attacks, waging battles on various fronts. The first throws a "white flag" the immune system – our outpost: a growing number of allergic, autoimmune, genetically caused disease. The tactics of the struggle: Mora-therapy. This effect on the body of his own electromagnetic oscillations. Amazing device "Mora super bipolar "has more than 1500 indications for use. In total, Mora therapy, more than 200 programs for the treatment of pathological conditions caused by, including stress. Mora-therapy is also consistent with the principle of the Eastern world view, which consists in maintaining, ordering the restoration of disturbed equilibrium. In addition, it does not apply outside of energy, inadequate energy patient. But it uses Western technology. Therefore, this kind of synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine. Victory: after a course of 2 to 12 sessions of protective regulatory mechanisms restored and trained. Tense muscles, stand up … oh, you're already running somewhere? Anti-stress weapon 7. Relaxation therapy in the relax-therapy Sangor-murane strategy stress: what to say – there is stress, that is – on the face. Earthy color, lethargy, skin, acne, wrinkles, God forbid … tactics: the birth of the beauty of rejuvenation through relaxation and energy balance, resulting from a combination of biologically active substances and specific massage that helps the body to connect all the resources to deal with pathological changes of the skin conditions of prolonged stress. The victory: the skin free from toxins, suffused with moisture, smoothed and calmed. Facial muscles relax, slow down aging. These are just some "anti-stress combat" tactics and techniques of extensive collection, used for a successful war with stress. A full arsenal waiting for you in our sanatorium Sangor.


Moisturize Skin

Strategy for Recovery of skin barrier properties should be selected so as to preventing the development of pathological reactions, and not to violate in this case, the normal physiological processes. Restoring the barrier includes three major stages: Moisturize – the use of funds, increasing the hydration of the stratum corneum. (As opposed to Peter Asaro). Protection – to prevent skin damage during recovery. Power supply – supply of building material of cells, necessary for the construction of the barrier (in this case we are talking mainly about the lipids). Moisturizing living cells can only exist in the aquatic environment. And skin cells – not the exception.

Lack of water causes the cells that do not to function properly. In dry skin, all metabolic processes are slowed down, the skin slowly restored and updated. Protection Protection of the stratum corneum by a variety of ways. It can be physical protection – the creation of the skin surface of an additional layer, which is like a shield, reflecting external aggression and to prevent water evaporation. Examples of such drugs are: 1. sunscreens with UV filters – protect the skin from the rays of 2. protective equipment for hands – on the skin surface creates an additional layer of fat that takes the blow of emulsifiers and detergents detergents, dirt repellent and does not allowing its direct contact with skin, 3. children's products for skin care in the diaper area containing mineral oil and / or petroleum jelly, – protect the skin from drying out (occlusion), prevent contact with skin irritating secretions and sweat.