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Buenos Aires

My papers say that I was born in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires city. Years ago however I feel more part of the nomad community. As if my life had a temporary setback to the prehistory of humanity. I’m going through the cities collecting fruits, advancing without sense in a becoming of places that I remember. I’ve […]

Managing The Goals Collateral Effect

The majority of those are proposed goals without previously deeply analyze the changes that the achievement of this goal will bring, between greater it goal ourselves will grow in the same dimension, but it is recalled that great targets modify the universe that we live. All additional circumstances is implicit in the achievement of one […]

The Distraction

Yes, it’s true: should start only to build your Web site once you know it is going to sell and have written your sales letter. In such a way that the design of your site will facilitate the sales process. The most important part that should be in! account when designing your Web site is […]


Another important factor to assess is the use of the internet in the relationship with customers and suppliers, since only 6% of the micro enterprise employs the internet as a tool of business, small 52% use it and in the median 73%. Another factor identified is the use of computer in technical processes or equipment […]