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Social Development

We do not forget that as soon as has spent a year of management and already it is necessary to return to vote. As much political strategy and speculations would seem to be over the norms, we changed the times to taste with so assuring a triumph electoral? What quality of political management offers our […]

Development Ring

The JLCW type bare magnetic anhydrous discharge permanent ring recovery models was designed by Benxi Economic Development Zone, this mining equipment plant was developed on the basis of the first generation of disc permanent recycling machines and second-generation moment ring permanent recycling machine, and obtained national patent (Patent No.: ZL 99 2 25206.7). the JLCW […]

Dame SAP Leaves

April comes life in late March and early April seems back to live again, the days are becoming longer and warmer and our senses, a little lethargic during the winter season, begin to open up to your environment. One of the best sensory experiences that we can have is closer to the plantations of orange […]

Brief Overview

Trying to butter to cover the entire daily requirement of vitamin A solely from butter (approximately 4 tbsp. L.) Would be unwise. It is sufficient calories, and besides one of the most easy to digest fats, because it consists of tiny fat globules (the digestibility of 98.5%). Alas, it can not affect the figure. We […]

CAI – Computer Assisted Instructions

These developments have been a dynamic force that has affected education in general and especially distance education, providing a new, powerful and interactive means of reducing barriers of time and space, to reach their goals. The use of computers to education can be divided into the following general classifications: Computer Aided Education (Computer-assisted instruction (CAI)) […]