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Personal Astrological Forecast

The study of astrological predictions for a long time popular among the people who are important to the prospect of the future, their position in society and family life. Just so writing horoscopes always been in favor of understanding expert in intangible aspects of life estates, and their interest in astrological predictions grew up with […]

Feng Shui

Room for washing is a symbol of purity, purification and liberation of excess in your life. Since originated in China at a time when the bathroom was very dirty place, almost all Chinese traditions associate it with radiating negative energy place. At the present time, a bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, cleansing […]

Paul Sartre

We learn hurrying in them and not, to wait. We construct more computers to store more information, to produce more copies of what never, but in them we communicate each time less. We are in the age of ' fast-food' of the slow digestion; of the great man, small character; accented profits and empty relations. […]

The Fashion

It is a time of unreliabilities, of alternation of a winged one and the retraction of the other, but mainly it is the moment of them you distress staffs, familiar and social. (KLOTZ, 2005, P. 02) Therefore, one ' ' fase' ' that it requires support and accompaniment in such a way of parents how […]

Record History

This component of the field is managing the nature and imposes a major limitation on the search for other civilizations. The third information: because there is information-control field, it created by reason, by many orders of magnitude greater than the mind of civilizations, which it is intended. This is the priority of the vertical structure […]

Just An Ordinary Galaxy

If these antinucleus surrounded by an appropriate number of positrons they form anti-atoms. Anti-atoms had to be almost exactly the same properties as ordinary atoms, they would form a molecule, one could form solids, liquids and gases, including organic matter. For example, two antiproton and a single core antikisloroda with eight positrons could form a […]

People’s Emotions

If we carefully look at the people around them, we see that all of them without exception only and are busy trying to have fun. Someone is trying to enjoy a meal, some alcohol after someone by nicotine, some in intimate relationships, some pleasure in power, someone in possession of money, etc. Even those who […]

The Author

They had had the possibility to lie down themselves in the soil and to again try to be child. To come back to learn. ' ' In the arteterapia the established values are differentiated, do not matter what I make, but as I make and what I feel from what I construct. The beauty is […]

The Ethics

Ethical Descriptive describes the moral phenomena; d.2) ethical Normative – the rational justification of the moral looks for; d.3) ethical goal reflects on the methods and the language used for the proper Ethics. e) we understand for ethics as being the reflection on moral or as the part of the philosophy that if occupies in […]