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Maturity and professional work

Gaudi and Eusebi G ell visiting Colonia G ell (1910).His first projects were the street lights to the Royal Plaza, the Kiosk project unrealized day care chairs Girossi and Cooperativa Obrera Mataronense. people from all over the country come to see our are used every day by millions of students With his first major commission, […]


All categoriesBantamweight is a competitive category of boxing and other combat sports, which includes lightweight competitors. In professional boxing the category includes boxers who weigh more than 52.163 (115 lb) and less than 53.525 (118 lb). In amateur boxing (male larger) the category includes boxers who weigh over 51 kilograms (112.44 lb) and less than […]

Athens Agora

For other uses, see Agora (disambiguation).37 townhouses 58’30’N 23A 43’21’E ‘/ ’37 975, 23.7225Overview of the agora of Athens.The agora of Athens was the center of business, property social and politics of ancient Athens. A wide open space, flanked by an accumulation of public buildings. a Governor of REBNY

Non-consumable electrode welding protected

Main article: TIG WeldingThe main objective in any welding operation is to achieve a seal with the same features as the base metal. This result can only be obtained if the melt pool is completely isolated from the atmosphere during the welding operation. Otherwise, both the oxygen and nitrogen from the air will be absorbed […]

March 2, 2004, Tuesday

Venezuela – The National Electoral Council (CNE) found that the opposition campaign to call referendum did not meet the required number of signatures. According to the opposition gathered 3.4 million signatures to be the minimum necessary to 2,437,000 (20 of voters). The CNE can see only 1,832,493 signatures and questions about the validity of which […]


school chairs dining chairs MEXICO CITY computer desk .- If you want to remodel your kitchen or just look different sometimes change can be easier office chairs than you think. teachers and students should are the main clients of are the best! If you want to achieve a drastic change on the kitchen decoration, change […]