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Medical Pharmacopoeia

Medical Pharmacopoeia The pharmacy was well developed: in the papyri of Deines and Grapow, the book relates to seven hundred formulas for the preparation of medicines and perfumes. In the Ebers papyrus, are up to a thousand recipes and among the most widely used remedies mentioned the onion, garlic, honey, beer, figs, flax seed, fennel, […]

First graduates from the Advanced Course on Internet Marketing

Many times it is frustrating to see how other capitals of our country offer a large range of seminars, conferences, and courses Masters super interesting, and this is difficult to find proposals that are specialized and designed for true “cracks” in the online world, digital marketing , creativity … But it seems that little by […]

Business Plan

The document refers to planning in the sense of drawing a road map of the business, which guide us toward specific goals in specific time limits, otherwise go without this plan, “giving a blind man shovels, resolving situations when presented with time without having reviewed the different alternatives and forecasting. The business opportunity goes hand […]

Traffic accidents, youthful

Traffic accidents, youthful new pandemic The main cause of death for people aged between 15 and 19 years is not AIDS or cancer or any disease, but traffic accidents, that is the conclusion of a report by the World Health Organization published in the World Week Road Safety. The main cause of death for people […]

Human resources for

Human resources for other uses, see Human Resources (film). In business management, human resources is called to work transferring all of the employees or associates of that organization. But more often call it the function that handles select, recruit, train, employ and retain employees of the organization. These tasks are can play a specific person […]

Ministry of Health

Origin and historical development In the early 1920s appeared in the United States, catalog sales, driven by larger enterprises. This selling system, revolutionary for its time, is a catalog of photos illustrating the products to sell. This is used to better reach people, because there is no need of having to attract customers to the […]

The Chilean situation

The Chilean situation in Chile, the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, through Mena and Badia doctors, managed to be the forerunners of this technology after returning from France where they were to acquire knowledge on the subject. With this successful experience, such as the emission of X-rays, biopsy data and even a scan taken by […]

Outside Manhattan

“Salvation comes only from God” A couple of Sundays ago I crossed the East River Bridge, walking on the Williansburg. The September afternoon was perfect for walking. The bridge linking the east side of Manhattan with Brooklyn, specifically Williansburg neighborhood, which a few years ago was completely degraded by the crack. This bridge is not […]

Carrera In

Carrera In 1948 he formed a band that included guitarists Willie Johnson and MT Murphy, the harmonica player Junior Parker, a pianist named Destruction and drummer Willie Steele, and in 1951 began performing on radio in West Memphis, Arkansas. His 1962 album Rockin ‘Chair Album is one of the most famous blues records, known for […]

Oscars Betting 2009

Best Picture: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Best Director: David Fincher Best Leading Actor: Mickey Rourke Best Leading Actress: Anne Hathaway Best Actor: Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actress: Marisa Tomei Best Original Screenplay: Happy-Go-Lucky Best Adapted Screenplay: The Frost / Nixon Best Cinematography: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Best Score: Resistance .. .