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GmbH Science Park

Warnke United grants seed Act for advertising and PR at ppr-pepper ppr-pepper, the Agency for marketing, advertising and Public Relations, headquartered in Germering, advises UNITED RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT GMBH in Saarbrucken from immediately the WARNKE. As lead agency ppr-pepper is responsible for the overall communication budget of the company, which is operated in the research, […]

LTE North America

New mobile communications standard is the hope of the industry Bonn/Nurnberg – during the auction of six frequency blocks in the Bonn Federal Network Agency for the new mobile communications standard LTE (long term evolution / 4 G) already have exceeded the four-billion-euro mark, the experts for the next few years is a rapid increase […]

RFID Gate Systems

Anti-theft system installed in the configuration of mono (one antenna for two-pass) protection on each side about 80-100cm, ie total of up to 2 meters. Each antenna RFID system can read information from a stable sensor only at a distance of 50 cm in each direction. Ie to finalize the anti-theft system "third generation" to […]

In This Article Deals With An Experiment To Implement Electronic

Recently, interest in electronic books show not only the fans to read, but officials and educators. The fact that these devices are connected to the hopes of improving the quality of teaching – is completely natural. If the student or the student had had to periodically look into the online bookstore and keep on hand […]

GPS Data

The biggest problem for the GPS receiver is the so-called "cold start". It was at this moment is search for satellites, almanac and ephemeris entry. Depending on external factors, the process may be delayed start, that not only causes discomfort, but also leads to increased energy consumption. A-GPS technology helps to cope not only with […]

Faster Internet Connection

Clever villagers show in recent years, the DSL connection has kept moving into more and more German households inventiveness. A slow Internet connection costs not only time, but above all energy for the ever-increasing amount of data. What some city dwellers no longer can imagine, is commonplace in some regions of Germany but: Although the […]

Ethernet Converter

Universal data logger for RS232-monitoring and measurement of current, voltage, temperature, PT100, PT1000, decrease, digital signals etc. “Intelligence needs little space” describes exactly the degree of freedom of the GigLog-S data logger. The GigLog-S is a multi-functional data logger for RS232 monitoring as well as for the measurement of physical quantities such as voltage, current, […]


The partner using mobile phone tracking spy is not so easy. The phone location is very popular with young people. Viva and MTV apply to such offers from Jamba, which loudly extol the espionage through cell tracking. Who always wanted to know what his love actually during the day, to get a spy software for […]

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

But it was obvious that science would surpass what was known as the arts and Humanities, with her Sprint in the last century, which at that time even more accelerated, and even overwhelm. And that has been confirmed. Given the difficult research, the total lack of research grants and-geldern brought during the pre-war period with, […]

Andreas Krieger Athletes

Is it possible to top results in sports without (self) murder? Legally possible is a performance increase? Excellence in sports without doping is even still possible today? Actually this question does not arise, because whether banned or allowed, every professional athlete takes anything. And also very ambitious hobby athletes. To improve the transport of oxygen […]