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The Internet

The media behavior of all responsible can only be described as desastros. The approach of a good PR work was not even shown here, what is urgent for the poor project management and escalating costs would have been necessary. Do not forget, that there were many supporters at the beginning. And despite the up to […]

Guaranteed Success

Via SMS, telephone, Internet, SmartPhone to the fulfillment you know that winning codes? Scratch your winning code free and send us an SMS and you will immediately find out if you’ve won something. Alternatively you can enter the code on our website or consult our telephone computer and if you want to send us a […]

Consumer Behavior

Even if outside experts have not said anything new – do not worry: it is – a necessary test of your competence in the matter, and you honor her with stood. * Consumer Opinion: This is – the last resort to supplement the testing of hypotheses and research your market. About how to interview clients, […]