The Internet

The media behavior of all responsible can only be described as desastros. The approach of a good PR work was not even shown here, what is urgent for the poor project management and escalating costs would have been necessary. Do not forget, that there were many supporters at the beginning. And despite the up to date already high cost of 114 million euros. Many people in the population were neutral and excited but not negative attitude.

69 Million euros in donations came together from thousands of hamburgers. The basis for a benevolent perception was quite solid. A good press relations would have to minimize damage done so. What is the simplified opinion of the Internet for your image? The Internet as a factor of own reputation means opportunities and risks. A disappointed customer or business partner has today easiest ways to vent his displeasure. It is one thing, whether lands the company through a small misstep or employee complaints with a message in the regional press.

It is already something else when looking into this also media of range. It can be really dangerous if this message finds himself in blogs or forums. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro . And it’s too late, if you now does not respond. The Internet is an incredibly fast multiplier of opinion. It is becoming more and more clear, how much it can affect sales. Poor posturing means not only bad press unless it affects also the reviews about a company and its products. The “image” is a fragile fabric that has often many years of consistent and painstaking, expensive construction work behind them. On the other hand, you can see the ubiquitous presence of the new media and their growing number of users as a instance to the positive image building. For an entrepreneur, it was to present its products yet never so easily with long-range. This requires however some important competence modules that need to be professionally integrated in the marketing work. How to minimize the risks of bad press. So, you can benefit from the new media. What must you do? You should deal actively with its environment, otherwise one victim of the new reputation risks from blogs, online journals, or social networks quickly, can arise. Before you put a lot of money into the reconstruction of a good public image, you should previously press the right set screws which prevent direct communication. This works on several levels. On the one hand, a professional debate requires the appropriate structures within the company, on the other hand clear guidelines for the work of this Department. The external communication is a complex topic with great relevance for the sales. Marquardt + Compagnie specializes to develop this area for you and optimize the relevant instruments in your company. Leave to us for free advice and visit us in the Internet: Oliver Marquardt of managing partner of Marquardt + Compagnie