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The “precarious” new social class

The poor is an expression vitamins taken from the study of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, linked to the German Social Democratic Party SPD a neologism, which vitamin in Castilian title can be translated as “society in transformation.” It refers to people with temporary employment contracts, or who spend long periods of unemployment, low wages when […]

Central Bank

His work at the Central Bank of Chile has been verified in several stages, including during the period of military dictatorship led by Augusto congress Pinochet, as well as the united states governments of the Concertaci vote n, always provoked controversy of wide media coverage. From July 1983 until July 1986 working in the Chilean […]

Restauracion Democratic Transition and

This period is also the epoch culture of political recovery of the illegal clinton action by the parties, media the reorganization of working on the establishment of neighborhood associations and the political creation of groups and institutions that initiate a new culture.The end of the dictatorship, with the transition, the framework attempts to cnn restore […]

Inorganic iron

… Spanish in Your Digestive System and How it Works. Provides general information about the organs of the digestive process … Protein. … In the stomach of the salts are reduced to ferrous iron due to the low gastric pH and the action of vitamin C nutrition that promotes this reaction. Stomach the ingested iron […]

Catholic Spirituality

Just as chabad there are many people and synagogue yet some common features between some of us to become better acquainted with each judaism other (eg temperament etc …), muslim also in the Catholic tree of life Church together groups of people have in their own torah way each one spirituality and to reflect each […]

Mistica as literary

By wiccan Manuel Mandiana, writer faeries and anthropologist, CSIC. His latest book is Raposino eo GOES Limaia Produccions (EL MUNDO, 10/04/09): This is not a historical personage. No, Jesus meditation is someone who has shaped the consciousness of billions witchcraft of people and the two sides new age in world history. It is impossible to […]

Cave paintings

In the spring, cherry blossoms in egypt sculptures the summer the cuckoo. art In autumn, the moon, and in winter, snow, cold and transparent. roman artwork Winter Moon, who comes from the sumerian art clouds to get company: the wind egyptians art is piercing, snow, cold. The first of these poems is the monk Dogen […]