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Infrared Gas Heating Systems

The heating of large volumes of air with traditional methods using convective heating method is highly inertial and costly, since the heated air, rising upward, greatly increases heat loss in the upper zone of plants. This is caused by the low efficiency of traditional methods of heating in large buildings. Added to this is a […]

Nokia Phones Carbon

If someone says that is not familiar with mobile phones Nokia, then I do not believe it. Those people there is little, if at all there is. The line of phones manufactured by the corporation Nokia, so huge that everyone will find something suitable option as to the features and value. Of course, the Nokia […]

Western Heart

On the basis of Western traditions of thought, we divide the Sciences today in nature and mind Sciences, or materially and in the material. This following classification derives from: Vitalistisch mechanistically management = 1st degree > Cybernetics 3. degree nature (1 conversion circuit cultures (n value chains) management second-degree = > Cybernetics second-degree management 3rd […]