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Federal Network Agency Shoot

Renaming and upper price limit planned Berlin/Bonn the service phone number 0180 has been considered as a powerhouse in customer service: companies use this telephone channel intensively for their call center. You are satisfied with it and on the consumer side is 0180 for years accepted and diligently”, the magazine TeleTalk writes in the current […]

Strategic Management

Also: Favourable conditions in part of a promotional campaign of Winfried Kale marketing services, provider of services around the topics strategy, market and competitive analysis, and operating the website, has its range of tools and expanded services to strategic management. The new offers are available now. In addition, the company provides favorable pricing in […]

The First Blue Point Online Shop

Products with the blue dot now also in the own manufacturer – online shop available. Hildesheim / Hannover, 28.06.2013 – the online store designed by the MEDIA2U, which assumes also the performance marketing on the fly and point of contact for all requests for cooperation. The Blaupunkt online shop was implemented on the basis of […]

American Internet Corporation

Advice against phishing attacks more and more people use the Internet to do their banking online or to maintain social contacts. With the disclosure of confidential data in the World Wide Web, but also the risk of becoming a victim of a phishing attack increases. The attempt is known as phishing, to get to the […]

The Print And Online Mailers Promondo Revised Online Shop

WIESBADEN. Just in time for the early Christmas presents the Promondo, the print and online mailers, for the exclusive lifestyle, trendy online. With the extensive redesign of the Internet shops, the company based in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden, would like to make even easier, service-oriented and interesting online shopping for its customers. Objectives of the […]