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LPS Leavening

In the sequence, the cells peritoneais cultivated for 48 hours had been infectadas with a suspension of the leavening that grew in way contends the conocarpano substance in 15 concentrations of g/mL. In all the carried through assays, had been made control without the antimicrobiana substance. After 3 hours, the cells had been breached by […]

Bulliardia Light

The conditions excellent for the maize production are high luminosity, amenas temperatures diurnas around 25-30C, nocturnal temperatures (inferior 24C and superiors 18C) and good water availability (CATI, 1999). Radcula is the first a if to prolongate, followed for coloptilo, with plmula enclosed. Stadium VE (germination and emergency) is reached by the fast elongao of mesoctilo, […]

French Writer

She makes question to know the parents, the consanguneos relatives, friends, diverse intellectuals, but she does not raise the eyes to skies to discover who she gave the Life to it that if keeps beyond the cellular set. ' ' The land teaches to us more concerning proper we of what all the books. Because […]

The Wall

This practical lesson was applied by means of optic microscope with the individual visualization of the wall cellular of the onion, of easy identification, but analyzed structurally in pair, where the pupils had questioned between itself. For it analyzes of the result, beyond constant comment had been applied questionnaires before and after the lessons, the […]

DNA Cells

They league themselves to the DNA in order to hinder the separation them its two filaments of the double helix to espiralar, phenomenon this indispensable one for the response (Control of the cancer, 2006). The alquilantes affect the cells in all the phases of the cellular cycle in not specific way. Although effective as isolated […]