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Heating Systems

The concept of heating means raising the temperature in the building compared to outside temperatures. Ancient, primitive methods of heating buildings and rooms – this is the use of open fires, stoves. In ancient Rome, at home heated by the hot steam from the furnace through a laid under the floor and the walls of […]

Technological Schools

In the case of the State of Par the actions of financial Assistance of the MEC had repassed the SEDUC resources divided in four divided accords of the following form: 1 ACCORD? Accomplishment of State seminaries of Average Education Integrated and To acquire furniture and equipment) the Acquisition of equipment b) Accomplishment of three seminaries […]

The Technology

In this direction, as it affirms Brave (2007), the knowledge of Systems of Information is essential in the creation of competitive companies and the management of global corporations. The way as is projected and disponibilizados productive systems, they are basic for the disponibilizao of services that the society values. The Technology of the Information (YOU) […]

Two SIM Cards

Chinese phones have become an excellent means of communication. It's simple – to improve their quality! The presence of two sim cards allows the Chinese phone a lot. Now, in these beautiful phones have a great tv and many other functions for the pleasure of the user. Chinese phones are currently not inferior in quality […]