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GPRS Battery

Tracker – A device for positioning by satellites. The resulting data is sent to your mobile phone as an SMS message or on a specialized Internet – server via GPRS. Thus, the tracker (Beacon) – is a complete system for monitoring the location and tracking. There is an opportunity not just satellite monitoring, but also […]

Digital Video

Find and purchase a novelty box office today was quick and easy, just pay the money (sms, webmoney etc.) and download a movie on your media player or computer. Feel as Internet pirate help torrent trackers, with which you can download most of the media content for free. Digital video for all occasions today affects […]


May actually work as long as there is sun. With this engine can generate electricity and its cost is low. And from such technology humanity can not turn away. In this it in the future will come and replace other methods of hazardous energy. Such as oil, nuclear and fusion reactors. With this technology, we […]

Internet Education

So to speak, the technology is also the result of the moment where it is developed, therefore he is reflected in the way of effective production, that cousin for the accumulation of capital, if becoming each more instantaneous, competitive and perverse time. In consequncia of this, in the globalizada society, if it became more explicit […]

The Marriage

Because he is but rational to believe from the beginning in a single God, that to believe in several Gods. Because he is but rational to believe in an invisible God, that in an image. Because he is but rational to believe in a God that loves the sanctity and detests the badness, that to […]

Using A Mobile Phone To Monitor Coronary

Someday we may not use only our cell phones to communicate with our friends and keep us informed of the latest – but also count on them to stay healthy. Biolapis The Israeli company has developed a new device for monitoring coronary disease, and is in advanced negotiations with Samsung to integrate the device into […]

The Technology

In this direction, as it affirms Brave (2007), the knowledge of Systems of Information is essential in the creation of competitive companies and the management of global corporations. The way as is projected and disponibilizados productive systems, they are basic for the disponibilizao of services that the society values. The Technology of the Information (YOU) […]

Web Images

Today already surpassed by the systems LED, that come from diode of light emission, and which they offer hi-res images, clearness and range of colors without equal, and this is managed on the base to count with million points that are illuminated giving combinations of the 3 basic colors, is seen red, green and blue. […]

Expanded Polystyrene

In this direction the logistic one blunts as a factor key for the survival of the companies in the market (RIBEIRO ET.all, 2003). One becomes therefore basic the logistic planning of the suppliment chain, considering itself its main stages: Suppliment, Production and Distribution. Of the management and the understanding drawing logistic of the flows in […]

Communitarian Action Interactive

It bears mentioning that the young of the research already had been born mum period that the computer, for the economic reality of the families espadrilles, is a technology that is part of the daily one of the same ones, therefore, parables, the access to the digital world if gave of natural form. Realizations in […]