May actually work as long as there is sun. With this engine can generate electricity and its cost is low. And from such technology humanity can not turn away. In this it in the future will come and replace other methods of hazardous energy. Such as oil, nuclear and fusion reactors. With this technology, we can save the environment and we will have a chance to fly to the stars. After all, space rockets thing of the past, as when a horse. We will then fly to the other devices that can fly at high speed, it aids in the flying to another method ever known to us. They are more will look like flying saucers and the principle of flight, they will be so. Such devices in terms of itself create a rotating field, which in turn creates a bubble, that is, the unit will be inside the bubble. And it will be protected from certain overload, for example if we take the rotating propeller craft, it will create in terms of a space filled with steam of water, of course it prevents him from working efficiently.

Also, the machine will create a space in the circle where the time will go differently than the outside. It remains a matter of technique to make so that the machine crashes and developed a high speed, always on one side of the unit force is applied the weight of our entire universe and that force enormous. Technical features of it, this is turning at any speed at any angle while in the apparatus of the people will not notice this, that the unit is turned. It can develop any speed and travel in our universe in any point and at any distance. It may take off and land vertically, anywhere, still hang in the air for a very long time, he was not afraid of any existing missiles used to shoot down air targets: Whatever today, these missiles would not. Then mankind will open the Stargate. But for this we all need to think about and do everything possible so that such technologies have not gone our dreams, they must develop and adopt, after all of this will depend on our future, as about us and our descendants will say that.