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Ritual Spells

Are spells rituals effective? In many websites, magazines, newspapers, etc., are offered free recipes of ritual magic to attract money, love and good luck in version do it YOURSELFERS. However a very important percentage of these rituals are failed in terms of its effectiveness. is it possible to attract money, love or good luck using […]

Alexander Friedmann

This last model proposes that before the explosion (unique), all the matter and the energy of the universe were contained in a singularity, in a small point that he was quiet in the space eternally until the moment previous to being detonated. This model proposes a paradox: The objects at rest – as the initial […]


Only that the traditional channels for such expression are sealed and thus must resort to other means. Firstly, the uncertainty is now higher for the simple reason that complexity has grown. The collective participation puts on the table various options, multiplicity of criteria, almost endless variations. There is a meeting where the reliability comes and […]