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Madrid Protagonist

The Innova network will be held on 17 and 18 June at the splendid Circo Price in Madrid. The first edition of network innovates will receive in Madrid and a large number of entrepreneurs, investors, professional technology and, in general, entrepreneurs who are interested in sharing their knowledge, ideas, projects, and experiences in order to […]

Levels of Management

For all its competence and efficiency of a single person can not cover resolution of all issues and problems encountered constantly, efficiently and most reasonable. (A valuable related resource: Robert Bakish). Besides, we know that, often, everyone learns from their mistakes, and when the existing management system, any error or delay measures, can cause considerable […]

Apostolic Lighthouse

And in order not to be unsubstantiated, do not forget to buy wall calendars and dvd movies with landscapes of Wisconsin at different times of the year. Photos and video from the trip will reflect only one season, and calendars and films can provide your friends and acquaintances nature of the State in all its […]

Internet Purposes

Also points out that study exchanges of the reader with this type of text provides a more complete model of the reader which includes factors such as motivation, effectiveness and efficiency as well as the cognitive factors. Orihuela and Santos (2005) described his experience about the use of digital blogs (weblogs) thus: the publication online […]