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Levels of Management

For all its competence and efficiency of a single person can not cover resolution of all issues and problems encountered constantly, efficiently and most reasonable. (A valuable related resource: Robert Bakish). Besides, we know that, often, everyone learns from their mistakes, and when the existing management system, any error or delay measures, can cause considerable […]


Once I saw a cartoon that showed the actions of a community composed of blue characters with different characteristics. One of them was "Afraid" and as its name said, was fear of everything. He lived scared and did not dare to undertake any enterprise, because he was afraid of failure and the worst, unconsciously felt […]

Certain Legislative Acts

Accordingly, the disclosure of destroying Russia matrix will allow us to adequately correct the situation, the vector targets Russian regional multiethnic civilization. We begin with the recollection of our plans for a potential enemy. Let us turn to the third volume, "Harvard project, titled" The End ", whereby tezisno outlines the key activities of the […]

Useful Crises

Prepared by the selfish nature of people management scheme, which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the world, if not accept the principle of return. Baal Sulam 'Yes, what do I care that someone out there in America bankrupt? The main thing is to have I always had bread and sausage on the table, […]