Certain Legislative Acts

Accordingly, the disclosure of destroying Russia matrix will allow us to adequately correct the situation, the vector targets Russian regional multiethnic civilization. We begin with the recollection of our plans for a potential enemy. Let us turn to the third volume, "Harvard project, titled" The End ", whereby tezisno outlines the key activities of the West towards Russia: Elimination of the Soviet army. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. The elimination of Russia as a state. Elimination of the attributes of socialism, such as free education and medical care, and the introduction of attributes of capitalism: should pay for everything. The elimination of well-fed and peaceful living in Leningrad and Moscow. The elimination of social and state ownership and the introduction of private property everywhere. Cursory glance all Oquinn these five points. Catches the eye, which remained intact paragraph on Moscow and Leningrad. Rest satisfied with this or that "success": the Soviet army is gone, and the Russian now reformatted to the needs of North Atlantic Alliance, Russia as a state exists only on paper, because management in many of its regions have a sufficiently long period of time is poor, powerful center also provides management of the full function, but willingly, hoping to join the 'international community' (the exploiters), handed the reins to the Western "partners," today, thus representing only a superior to execute instructions guide to the Masonic hierarchy of program-adaptive module management system; Federal Law 83 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the improvement of legal status government (municipal) institutions, "better known as Law of commercialization of public sector – is the latest in a series of many before him" nail in the coffin "has survived free of social guarantees; forcefully implement the plan to privatize and restructure the remaining public enterprises.