Nicanor Parra

Beauty, youth, happiness, personal success, are increasingly more claimed as a good. A huge range of new products and services passes to be offered by advertising to an increasingly segmented audience, through which the consumer believes living in a free, pluralistic and democratic society. In this movie not discusses culture, in the sense that we know only of imaginary worlds/States or not in different eras. Only we envision technology and transfers of conscience. The technique has therefore become a new autoconservadora reason that manifests through a conformist identity.

I would add this poetry which although repetitive in his rhyme, I think that it reflects the theme and the Truman show. Imaginary man lives in an imaginary mansion surrounded by trees imaginary at the edge of an imaginary River of walls which are imaginary old imaginary paintings hanging irreparable imaginary cracks depicting imaginary events in imaginary places worlds and imaginary times all imaginary afternoons climbing imaginary stairs and it overlooks the balcony imaginary look at the imaginary landscape that consists of an imaginary Valley surrounded hills imaginary imaginary shadows come along the way imaginary singing imaginary songs on the death of the imaginary Sun and in the imaginary Moon nights dreaming of the woman imaginary that gave his imaginary love to feel that same pain that same imaginary pleasure and re-saved the imaginary man Nicanor Parra’s heart throb. The imaginary man Santiago vine leaves. Ganymede. 1985 If these technologies were our next unique culture, I am convinced that the superfluous fall: fall fashions, bodies fall, fall shopping for what?, would fall the language of advertising, fall false identities. And we would have a common space with a multitude of mental representations aimed not pessimism but an enhanced identity of each individual towards each individual, where the simulation would fall into the empty automatically.Because the meaning of life would be authentic to know, authentic knowledge that is the way of man.

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