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Some factors include individual and socioeconmicas the conditions as malnutrition, housing, lack of hygiene seem to favor the transmission (AQUINO et al., 2003). After its entrance in the organism the bacillus of Hansen, if it installs in the glangios linfcitos, forming micobacterianos, the defense of the organism is effected by the imunolgica reply against the […]

Youthful Development

The intellect, for example, presents greater more complex effectiveness, rapidity and elaborations, having addition in its global performance. Of this form, the adolescent can form conditions of altivez and independence of the experience of oldest. Finding that they can everything, the adolescents if rebel and start to elaborate unusual values, many contrary times to the […]

Central America

For this illness in these countries remained, since 1985, in according to place, only losing for the breast cancer, however occupying the first place in countries of the south and east of Africa, of Central America, the region center-south of Asia and in the Melansia (PINE; FRANCE JNIOR, 2003). The uterine col cancer is a […]

Structural Cells

Metotrexato: Figure 11: It formulates Molecular of the Metotrexato. Source: . Dermot McCormack may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Metotrexato is an antagonistic frmaco of the acid flico and acts on the cellular hiperproliferao. Although available since 1948, it was introduced as antipsoritico agent in 1958 and is approved by the FDA […]

Bervian Par

Brasilia: Health department, 1997. 9 – LAMB, H. The PSF as strategy of change of the assistencial model of the SUS. Cad. Health of the Family, v.1, n.1, p.10-5, 1996. 10 – Hart; Loved L; Bervian, Peter (1983) Scientific methodology: For use of the students university, 3 ed. So Paulo: Magraw- Hill of Brazil. 11 […]