Central America

For this illness in these countries remained, since 1985, in according to place, only losing for the breast cancer, however occupying the first place in countries of the south and east of Africa, of Central America, the region center-south of Asia and in the Melansia (PINE; FRANCE JNIOR, 2003). The uterine col cancer is a set of varies illnesses and not an only illness, that cause modifications, generating a disordered not controlled cellular growth for the organism and goes compromising weaveeed of the uterine col (BRAZIL 2000). Precancerous cells if modify generating malignant tumors and if exhausting the deep one for the uterine col, this are called uterine col cancer, being able to be of two types, type of cell of which it originated the cancer: Epidermide or carcinoma of escamosas cells, much more common or adenocarcinoma, that less is acometido. Epidermide or carcinoma of escamosas cells can precociously be diagnosised, generally assintomtico, this because it has easiness in detecting to the examination periodic gynecological (ONCOGUIA, 2008). Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. The uterine col and envolto for you vary layers of arranged pavimentosas epithelial cells in way sufficiently organized, when a neoplasia inside of the fabric occurs epithelial, it is stratification found disordered, when this disorganization happens in the layers most basal of the estratificado epitlio, we will have a light displasia (NIC I), that it is to little alteration of the regularity and polarity of the stratification of the fabric. However, the nuclei are of modified and hipercromticos sizes, being able to be observed frequent mitoses, much more abnormal in tero deep of the epitlio. If this clutter of the fabric cellular to advance until of the thickness of the epitlio, being conserved the layers most superficial we will have a moderate displasia or (NIC II), becoming the nuclei most voluminous hipercromticos, with nuclear abnormalitys and frequent prolongated and marcantes. The development of the uterine col cancer is very slow and is very of the times assintomtico and passes for many phases since a daily pay? clinic that is detectable and curable (BRAZIL, 1997).