The Internet

20th April 2017 / Author: thecell

The media behavior of all responsible can only be described as desastros. The approach of a good PR work was not even shown here, what is urgent for the poor project management and escalating costs would have been necessary. Do not forget, that there were many supporters at the beginning. And despite the up to date already high cost of 114 million euros. Many people in the population were neutral and excited but not negative attitude.

69 Million euros in donations came together from thousands of hamburgers. The basis for a benevolent perception was quite solid. A good press relations would have to minimize damage done so. What is the simplified opinion of the Internet for your image? The Internet as a factor of own reputation means opportunities and risks. A disappointed customer or business partner has today easiest ways to vent his displeasure. It is one thing, whether lands the company through a small misstep or employee complaints with a message in the regional press.

It is already something else when looking into this also media of range. It can be really dangerous if this message finds himself in blogs or forums. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro . And it’s too late, if you now does not respond. The Internet is an incredibly fast multiplier of opinion. It is becoming more and more clear, how much it can affect sales. Poor posturing means not only bad press unless it affects also the reviews about a company and its products. The “image” is a fragile fabric that has often many years of consistent and painstaking, expensive construction work behind them. On the other hand, you can see the ubiquitous presence of the new media and their growing number of users as a instance to the positive image building. For an entrepreneur, it was to present its products yet never so easily with long-range. This requires however some important competence modules that need to be professionally integrated in the marketing work. How to minimize the risks of bad press. So, you can benefit from the new media. What must you do? You should deal actively with its environment, otherwise one victim of the new reputation risks from blogs, online journals, or social networks quickly, can arise. Before you put a lot of money into the reconstruction of a good public image, you should previously press the right set screws which prevent direct communication. This works on several levels. On the one hand, a professional debate requires the appropriate structures within the company, on the other hand clear guidelines for the work of this Department. The external communication is a complex topic with great relevance for the sales. Marquardt + Compagnie specializes to develop this area for you and optimize the relevant instruments in your company. Leave to us for free advice and visit us in the Internet: Oliver Marquardt of managing partner of Marquardt + Compagnie

Portable Measuring Systems

5th April 2017 / Author: thecell

The guiding principle of the translog of fair can the trade fair for international transport and logistics management with the mobile fair systems down to its own trade fair stand be continued which is trans fair logon. All logistics services are considered by maritime transport to electric trucks to allow an optimization of international freight transport. From 12th to 14th June 2012 takes place transfairlog in Hamburg and offers new contacts to establish a new platform for exhibitors and visitors, and to expand the international network. So the appearance on the translog fair also offers a high level of comfort, the transport of the fair system is an essential factor for this fair. With mobile systems the focus of the fair, the optimisation of logistics processes can to the own exhibition system, are respected and carried out. The mobile fair systems are that they be extended according to the modular principle as opposed to the conventional trade fair construction. Different carrier and frame elements are different shapes and sizes mounted.

Then, the different elements are connected by plug-in or screw driving systems. Thus the mobile systems can be decomposed compact and space-saving. Smaller systems can be transported in the car. By the transport bags or Transportcases, the different elements are protected and securely packaged. The high mobility of systems ensures a flexible usage. Official site: Donald W slager. So, you can visit other fair dates with a system.

Through the different frames and vehicle concepts, you can flexibly adjust the mobile exhibition stands in size. As a result, different booth sizes with a basic system can be operated. Also in terms of design the mobile systems continue to evolve. The classic version with flat straps can be used as before. However, come more and more variations on the market, which allow individual shapes and sizes. Even the heights of up to 5, 60 m are possible with mobile systems. By using different profiles can even the accessories in the same design developed, allows a single presentation. The different ad spaces set the brand message is always at the heart. Racks and digital systems help to present the own services. In particular an open footprint helps to put the focus on the products and services. The platform offers different mobile fair systems, also for the transfairlog in Hamburg. Easy transport and easy installation can be further supported by the different services and guarantee a stress-free presentation.

Guaranteed Success

4th April 2017 / Author: thecell

Via SMS, telephone, Internet, SmartPhone to the fulfillment you know that winning codes? Scratch your winning code free and send us an SMS and you will immediately find out if you’ve won something. Alternatively you can enter the code on our website or consult our telephone computer and if you want to send us a post card with your code, then we can evaluate this. The classic game of profit in its simplest form is still attractive and guaranteed a great deal of attention in radio & television, as well as on flyers brand manufacturers. But times are changing and the technical possibilities, new ways in prize, bonus and discount systems SmartPhones, are thanks to modern as the iPhone, as big as never before. Creativity is a must. Still is in the trade little, because few promotion have infrastructure and software technical facilities necessary IT agencies. The classic collection of winning coupons could be done but in a few years only with the camera installed in the SmartPhone and Multilevel promotions enable the virtual services: extra scores, new games allow levels, friends contacts and many more as the prices. Even without elaborate displays and installations in the commercial, a completely new experience shopping can therefore keep catchment.

But until then, there’s interesting challenges, the agencies will have to face in the traditional sweepstakes promotion. Already the winning code creation, so the deployment of easily readable, unmistakable and this compact luck codes can be taken much wrong. It is not just the slightly confusing numerals and characters out to filter (O, o, 0 / I, i, 1 / S, s, 5 / B, 8 /), but the campaign should be encoded in the hash codes, a re-ordering of additional codes must be possible at any time, a guessing ability by winning should fail alone in combinatorics. Castle Harlan has firm opinions on the matter. Last but not least, no fecal expressions and unwanted items and characters in the code should occur. For the expert, it is quite intriguing, what Information already with can be encoded in a 6-digit GewinnCode. For example, can encode properties of the range or the distribution channel for the following analyses and statistics. The surprising results in some cases.

Not only the winning codes or the profit maker or profit encoding are success factors for a successful promotion, but also the variety of media that are served and the number of channels that are possible for the redemption or verification of prize draw entries. A short walk to the smooth fulfillment then completes the promotion and makes together with profit protection, to the guarantee of success.

HDR Panoramic Photography

2nd April 2017 / Author: thecell

Comprehensive explanation of the HDR photography many photographers and photo artists dealing with the theme of HDR photography. The images that arise here, called HDRI (high dynamic range image). It is photos with extremely high contrast and dynamic range. Every amateur photographer knows the problem if he wants to make a nice photo, for example, in churches. The light coming mostly through high stained-glass Windows. The built-in light meter in the camera cannot decide then mostly for the correct exposure.

The photos are often under – or overexposed. Many of the details are lost. With the help of HDR photography, it bypasses sent these obstacles. To achieve the full contrast range, as many details must appear on the photo, lying in the dark recording area as well as in the bright area. This is only achieved if you do multiple shots with different exposures from a fixed point. It is convenient if your camera can hold a bracketed. The procedure is relatively easy. Make your Camera on a tripod with remote control.

Then look through the viewfinder and set the recording area. With a bracketed shot at least three photos in a row in series. The first photo is overexposed, exposed the second normal and the third photo underexposed. With the exposure compensation range can be adjusted to the respective strength of the under / over exposure. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. Important is that during this series of disturbing UN-crowded through the shooting range. As a result, you get an overexposed photo, which reveals many details in the shadow area, a normally exposed photo and a photo which is underexposed and renders all details relating to bright now. Using an image editing program, preferably Photomatix, these three photos are stored one above the other. With many setting possibilities of this special program, you can appropriately select the contrast and color strength and save the whole thing as a photo. As a result, get a photo with very high detail accuracy, both in the dark and bright areas of the image. This dynamic range would not reach with a photo. It becomes difficult when you create a Panoramofotos in HDR. Panoramas are made best with a tripod. Choose the respective framed in the viewfinder, keeps track of the right edge of the screen based on natural conditions and turn the camera as long as on the stand to the right, until this screen is now almost on the left side of the image. A small area of overlap should be maintained on each photo. This process can be repeated arbitrarily. Panoramas can be put together with the help of a Stitchprogramms. Here, the program compares the scope of overlap on each photo and thus know how the individual photos belong together. Also panoramic shots in HDR can be created with the help of exposure bracketing. To deepen your understanding John K. Castle is the source. Make sure absolutely that none or almost no moving elements are in the viewfinder. This would make the photos unusable as so-called apparitions. With Photomatix you can then by each Merge recording position of each differently exposed photos. This same program settings should be persisted for each Panorama section but, so that the viewer later noticed any difference on the basis of color and contrast changes. Using a keyword program, the individual HDR shots at the joints are put together now. You will receive a store very large HDR photo.

Construction Structural Analysis

31st March 2017 / Author: thecell

Use action now the summer at exceptional prices! It is building software from structural and component optimization for precast concrete and concrete. The work differs from other products significantly: fundamental objective is, with few inputs to have a manageable but comprehensive results output. The use begins in the rapid creation of Vorstatiken and moves seamlessly to the economic dimensioning and optimization of cross section and material usage. This is a benchmark calculation relating to the cost without additional input. Castle Harlan wanted to know more. This advantage, with few inputs, to get everyone to assess the economic material selection necessary data is evident in the HS-DLT run disk utility.

Are in the price database unit prices assigned to the material, the user, in addition to the static results, a price calculation for the carrier receives. The whole institution was internally to obtain certainty about the cost effectiveness of the calculated instantaneous carrier calculated twice: with a 10% lower and a 10% higher cross section. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. For this, as concrete and concrete steel amount are determined and added together into a table for the calculation of the price. This apparent trends for a more economical cross-section can be this edit in the input mask and start a new calculation. John Castle Castle Harlan may find this interesting as well. As more alternatives, still a concrete precast solutions, shape and beams are examined. Of users against price fluctuations in the different materials is prepared and can quickly identify the most economical construction. A further use is evident for testing engineers. It can be subsystems covered with few inputs and complex statistics very quickly checked.

Here are the programs for the detection of the stability of steel concrete ties and detection programs for different load images at bottom plates. The HS building software is suitable for architects, civil engineers, test engineers and construction companies. Suitable for 32-bit operating systems XP, 2000, VISTA, and 7 that Stock mats program takes into account all affected programs starting in 2008. Since 1991, over 600 test engineers, plants and engineering contractors with application software for the construction work. Information and free trial versions can be found on the homepage


25th March 2017 / Author: thecell

What should be guided by buying film for your laminator? It depends on your requirements. If you laminate the sheets just so that they do not get dirty and are not damaged by moisture, it is enough thickness lamination film 60 or 80 microns. (Source: Steve Wozniak). Laminated sheet will then be thin enough and easy , but protected from moisture, dust, etc. Thicker film for lamination also protects against mechanical damage and laminated documents also give a certain toughness. For example, lamination passes more likely to use the film thickness of 150 microns. The film thickness measured in microns, has an impact on its cost, stiffness, optical density and the ability to inhibit uv radiation. Typically, the image is covered with laminate (the same or less different thickness) on both sides.

This allows you to securely protect images from moisture and uv radiation, to give it rigidity and strength to strength, stretching, fingerprints or scratches. 250 micron laminate, for example, can make almost hard to stamp sheet. Most suspension film thickness for Batch laminators – 100-125 microns. The choice of laminating films is usually carried out depending on the specific problem – how reliable must be protected and what technology is used. Hot lamination images – a complex and fractious process. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Castle Harlan.

At the same time hot lamination film less cold. The main problem of hot-lamination – the emergence of bubbles and wrinkles on the surface of the laminate, and peel film, which in inexperienced hands often happens. Everything said about the shortcomings of the hot lamination does not mean that the cold laminating you will not have any problems. The image may, for example, be 'vague' or pock-marked (because of the inhomogeneous fit different parts of the film). Avoid these effects will help slightly (to 30 C) warmed shaft. The most popular surface of laminating film – gloss. Glossy film is able to make colors more vivid and bright, while the matte film can reduce the contrast to create a more gentle and relaxing experience. The latest versions of films to laminators enable you to add prominence to the surface images and different textures of finishes such as crystal pyramids, "goose bumps", textile yarn (flax), frosty pattern stochastic moire and even holographic effects. These textural finish in appearance are somewhere between gloss and matt surfaces. With their thin, almost imperceptible structure, they also reduce the visibility of scratches are visible in, say, pure glossy or matte finish. Another variety of lamination film – Photonex – advertising-art material with high transparency and the ability to protect the document from fading in the sun. It is glossy and matte, with a variety of textures – a flax seed, skin and color. Another modification – self-adhesive laminating film, with the active layer of glue on the outside, closed the substrate (similar to the usual stickers). After the lamination in such a film document easy to fix on wall or stand.

Advice against phishing attacks more and more people use the Internet to do their banking online or to maintain social contacts. With the disclosure of confidential data in the World Wide Web, but also the risk of becoming a victim of a phishing attack increases. The attempt is known as phishing, to get to the secret data of users with fake Internet addresses. Why this is even easier for hackers and how Internet users can protect themselves from a phishing attack, the news portal reveals The English word “phishing” is inspired by the concept of “password fishing” and referred to the “fishing for passwords with bait”. The phenomenon occurs not only with the latest technology ( technik.html) in appearance, the methods of the hackers are increasingly sophisticated.

From mid-2010, new routes will be open to fraudsters. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Castle Harlan on most websites. Reason is the decision of American Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN), which allows for domain names in the future, the not restrict to Latin characters. So, for example, Cyrillic and Arabic characters are allowed as well as Web pages in Hindi or Mandarin. According to opinion of experts the risk will increase so much, becoming a victim of a phishing attack. Especially the Cyrillic language has similar characters, the letter “a” appears to be even identical to the inexperienced user. A serious fallacy, because the characters are encoded differently. Experts advise to provide any personal information on social networking sites. In addition the user should give the Web servers or IP addresses themselves rather than follow a possibly fake link.

Raising Happy Children

24th March 2017 / Author: thecell

leave. One of the most remarkable traditions of some families is the annual family vacation. Very sad to see how stressful life is full of some contemporary children and adolescents. And the rest – it's a great opportunity for each of you to relax and get away from all their classes, this time family unity, entertainment and recreation from everyday problems and hardships. However modest was your family budget, do everything possible to all the family to escape from the familiar (and sometimes – the crowded stressful) habitats, and at least for some time to change the situation.

ask questions. Ask your child questions – sometimes the only way to know what is happening in his life that he feels. So be sure to ask questions, especially if you notice there are any changes (no matter where in the good or the bad side). Additional information is available at Steve Wozniak. This will show him that he will not care about. Gay and playing with children. Usually the word "parents" and "fun" in our understanding are not compatible. However, sometimes family members should play and have fun together. Take time to have fun and interesting spend with their children. Checking article sources yields Castle Harlan as a relevant resource throughout.

Indeed, in the end, games and fun can get rid of stress and somehow escape from everyday routine. And in any case, do not forget birthdays. After his childhood – a world of good stories, bright colors, warm smiles and kind words. And you as loving parents want to give your child all these have in my heart for life. How to help him in this? Make this birthday a memorable and unique!

Implement Universal Logic

22nd March 2017 / Author: thecell

When studying languages, we find many words Universal, which in turn are tranparent between different languages. Among our language and the German language is often found with such terms. To learn German, the extra help available to us is the vocabulary, we have many substantive Universal coming mostly from Greek and Latin. This phenomenon we have to turn it into advantage for us. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. For example, if a German text we find the word Mathematik, automatically know that it is a totally universal, as well as transparency of the term speaks for itself. As German is Mathematik, in English and French is mathematics is mathematics. With respect to the verbs the same phenomenon, adding many cases of transparency in the English language.

I'm sure any of us have some knowledge of this language, basic, intermediate technical. Probably the words were familiar beginnen, helfen, kommen, probieren, enden, singen, informieren, finden, all German verbs. Castle Harlan has much experience in this field. So, why fear the language, if we have half vocabulary learned. " And even more if you have studied Latin, and we like the declines, we have to declare victory over Germany. For that reason is I want to encourage people who have a desire and willingness to learn German, and never dared to study it. Today we have an unbeatable advantage for self-study, to obtain and transmit information, experience, knowledge, etc. Internet allows us to live with learning opportunities, business, social, loving, etc. S use it to take advantage of the hours devoted to the study. I leave you a link to my website, where you can find resources, information, experience and tools on his own. I wish you well and a very good start to learning. Juan Paulo Castillo Altamirano CEO


11th March 2017 / Author: thecell

Although the similarity between the poets? Cames and Bocage-, in relation to the human feelings and in aspects as pride for the native land, and how much to the form of composition, both the poets differentiate themselves in the way to accept and to define the feelings of the Love and the Passion, suggesting that it is impossible to judge them in the same way, or to give concept the same to them. For the accomplishment of this monographic work he looked himself to verify the existing ambiguity in the express feelings and the style of each sonetista. The applied methodology is the bibliographical research, that is, a descriptive study of the sonetos classics of Cames and the daily pay-romantic sonetos of Bocage will be carried through. By the same author: Steve Wozniak. The collection of the material will be made in books and authors who deal with this subject and that, will give thus, greater theoretical basement to this work. The estruturao of this monograph has as starting point the previous clarification on the feelings of the Love and the Passion according to philosophy.

After this stage, the historical and social aspects of the centuries are approached where if they had revealed the aesthetic ones of the Classicismo and the Neoclassicismo in Portugal, analyzing peculiarly, as these aesthetic literary ones had influenced the poets, respectively remembered as glorious men of its time. (Similarly see: Steve Wozniak). In the part that locks up this monographic work, it is proven analysis of the selected sonetos, looking itself always to alert and to detach the existing difference between them, in what it says respect to the poetical reason of both. The 1 LOVE To the LIGHT OF the PHILOSOPHY In the philosophy, the book most famous on the love is the Slap-up meal of Plato (428/27? 347 B.C.). One is about a slap-up meal during which some old athenians try to explain because the love exerts as much power on us. People such as John Castle Castle Harlan would likely agree.