Zen & Design

30th July 2018 / Author: thecell

The true mystical and philosophical roots of Zen found in the life and teachings of Buddha. Zen reaches its definitive expression in Japan in the mid-13th century, profoundly influencing the mentality and customs of traditional Japanese culture, where still teaching and practicing today in various schools and Zen monasteries. The philosophy or spiritual basis of Zen (indispensable for understanding its impact on Western decoration) focuses on lighting and pursuit of harmony and inner peace through simple, everyday actions (such the legacy of the Buddha), providing a livelihood for daily life at all times. Zen, through simplicity, seeks to achieve harmony and tranquility necessary requiring these modern times. carpets West finds peace in his philosophy adptandola to design interiors and gardens, with a series of minimal resources, ordered spaces, light colors and simple lines. It seeks to move away from ornamentation excessive. That achieves balance is given by a few objects, natural materials and presence of aromas. The colors used in the decoration or Zen style are mainly white and full range of neutral colors: ocher, gray and beige.

Color can only be given by a decorative object, such as a touch of green or red in some items or specific detail. The materials most used in Zen are those in natural state or industrialized: natural wood, stone, etc. In bathrooms and kitchens is preferred before the ceramic stone. Clear wood, e.g. floors. in Hague, they prefer to dark floors, for example. in Wenge.

Swarovski Crystals

17th July 2018 / Author: thecell

Swarovski crystals – is not just a clever imitation diamonds, this jewelry products in the form of figurines, pictures of crystals. Swarovski crystal stones are now used in the manufacture of fashionable clothes, jewelry, fixtures and cosmetic industry. Swarovski crystals are also used in interior design. Especially popular in recent years have become crystal Swarovski pictures on various topics: celestial bodies, flora and fauna of the world, signs of the zodiac. Each painting is handcrafted by sophisticated technology. Crystal paintings are works of art, consisting of hundreds and thousands of Swarovski rhinestones. This is an unforgettable piece of jewelry Beauty! Crystal – it is the only material that is other than diamonds and precious stones in some precise cutting can effectively reflect the rays of light shine and sparkle like a rainbow. Swarovski picture draw, from which it is impossible to look away.

A variety of color and shape of crystal stones attached pictures of a sparkling, magnificent view. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. Swarovski will give a special atmosphere to any interior! Swarovski – Crystal pictures represent a work of art that can be an excellent gift for your favorite holiday. Iridescent glitter Swarovski will not leave indifferent. What we know about the crystals, except that this is a clever imitation diamonds? To start a little history. It is known that the name of the crystals have a well-known names in the eighteenth century by Georges Frederic Strass. Strass was known to have had the reputation of a great craftsman in forged brilliantov.I if at the time production of artificial diamonds was considered a fraud, in our time, some products are equated with rhinestones to works of art. It is known that many famous ladies did not consider it shameful to appear in society, showing off jewelry with rhinestones. Castle Harlan contributes greatly to this topic. We offer a picture of the original crystals.

Swarovski picture – this is a frame with a dark background, the glass of the elite which are laid out a variety of interesting crystals subjects. The unique play of light on the faces of the crystals immediately draws attention to the picture. Such pictures are Swarovski crystal and beautiful original gift. We also accept orders for manufacturing portraits of different images and logos of Swarovski crystals.

Digital Exclusion

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More the success of these environments is not conditional only to the communication tools as e-mails, fruns of debates, wikis or chats of quarrel, but for the necessity in providing resources that make possible the organization and manipulation of the received messages, in way that the pupils can find contents specific and write form messages to express its ideas more good. Another important point in which the model saw web looks for to support itself as modality educative it is the use of the prerogatives: contribution and cooperation in information nets. In turn, these terms constitute practical essentials of the Cibercultura, that stops Lvy (1999) is about a set of customs and traditions executed in the virtual world that they are primordial to feel or those candidates inserted to be part of it. Although to the first sight, these terms will give airs of synonymous, contribution and cooperation possesss intrinsic dynamic in the virtual world.

Lvy (1999) looks for to understand the contribution in virtual environment as an action developed in set, for two or more people who if understand, if respects, has common interests and objectives and that they share the same values, for the accomplishment of a service, a project or a product. But for Kensky, Oliveira and Clementino (2006) the cooperation presents better resulted for practical educative on-line because it searchs to carry through crossroads of these contributions, aiming at benefits to the other participant members through three essential principles: the interaction, the mediation and the active participation. Therefore, one gives credit that for a course on-line, the success of the magnifying of colaborativos methods depends on the environment creation adjusted for cooperation.

Strategic Business Planning

5th July 2018 / Author: thecell

FACTON version 6.2 on the market, rapid consolidation of company-wide spreadsheet data, integrated bottom-up planning / safe data source for strategic business planning has the scope of the successful Web reporting is significantly expanded the new version 6.2 of the calculation software FACTON. This will make possible a rapid consolidation of the costing data including cost, investment and sales planning. The extensive reporting function is accessed through the Internet browser is an additional secure source of data for strategic business planning, especially in the planning of the acquisition business. “In contrast to the large planning security of the day-to-day business of the series and the handy business’ so the orders already received the planning of orders to target is naturally very difficult”, Alexander M. Swoboda says, Managing Director of FACTON GmbH.

with FACTON gain an overview business during the proposal process all existing and possible future orders. So it is possible to control the company on the basis of a thorough bottom-up planning and to secure future margins.” The Advanced Web reporting provides even more: to get a reliable basis for planning, all offers and whose parameters have to be consolidated. With FACTON, these data are already stored and systematized through the Web reporting with a few clicks. This means: the information can be displayed easily, quickly and easily prepared via any common Internet browser. This can easily determine what sales and margins can be scheduled.

Both with regard to a particular product and on different groups of products for individual customers. Because the interfaces in FACTON are open-plan, all relevant information systems can be seamlessly connect. So as the data of the current business of the ERP system can be read out, that of the future Business from the costing system FACTON. The advantage: The direct data exchange saves time, and the planning-relevant information is obtained automatically and without media breaks. Business planning is system-based and very fast, for example, in the company’s BI tool. About FACTON GmbH FACTON is the leading enterprise product costing solution for the automotive industry. A company-wide uniform, local and cross-departmental costing FACTON enables highest transparency in cost. FACTON combines the business view on the products with the technical perspective of the engineers. The costs of complex products can be checked as early and throughout all phases of the product life cycle. With FACTON companies accelerate their cost calculation and achieve a high accuracy of costs. FACTON GmbH is the provider of the software for the enterprise product costing. The company was founded in 1998 and operates offices in Dresden, Potsdam and Detroit (United States). Since 2006 supports the innovative company by Hasso Plattner, the founder and Chairman of the SAP AG. Target industry is the automotive industry. The customers include include Airbus, Behr, Magna Powertrain, MANN + HUMMEL, Porsche and Siemens.


4th July 2018 / Author: thecell

This author defines learning organizations, as a social activity where knowledge and skills are put into practice, they criticize and are integrated as opportunities to optimize learning and effectiveness in the workplace. At the same time it raises, that in the Organization of learning people can not learn because learning is part of the fabric of everyday life. In the learning organization, people strengthen their ability to create what they want to create and have a philosophy geared to anticipation, reaction and response to change, complexity and uncertainty. Is interpreted in this way, the proportion at the speed in which the organizations learn, you can become a sustainable source of competitive advantage. Read additional details here: Viacom. Of posed before we can affirm, that the learning organizations are those that facilitate the learning of all its members and which are continuously transformed to meet the demands of the environment. The key is to understand learning as inseparable from everyday work where of spaces created to address problems, clarify differences, create sense of belonging, ownership of goals and institutional objectives. Senge (2000), focused the study of organizational learning, in terms of its ontological dimension, at the organizational level, understanding the individual and the group.

Highlights your vision of learning in organizations in a systemic perspective, considering that the key so an organization learns, lies in the global understanding of the same and the interactions between its parts. Peter Asaro s opinions are not widely known. This author defines learning as the vehicle that allows the individual to create their own reality and your future. In this sense, is interpreted that it postulated epistemological of the Theory of organizational learning of Senge (op cit), is located in the constructivist paradigm. Likewise, introduces the concept of organizations smart, as a synonym for organizations to learn, in the following way: we can build intelligent organizations, organizations where people continually expand their ability to create the results you want, where new and expansive patterns of thinking, where collective aspiration is free, where people continuously learns to learn together (p. .

The Experts

29th June 2018 / Author: thecell

3. – It looks for somebody with whom to share The friendly and the family are a good source of opinions but their experiences and emotions can dim their objectivity. You love advice of an expert, who goes to hacerte the necessary questions and culprit of criticarte will not feel. Many industralists realize that to consult to one of the voluntary advisors of SCORE guides its thoughts it puts and alerts them on considerations and hidden risks. 4.

– It investigates, it investigates, it investigates It learns everything what you can on the areas and/or types of businesses that interest to you. While you discover more, easier it will be to identify the necessity that a small business as yours it can fill in the market. Some times to investigate an idea it can take to other than it is more promising or simpler to implement. 5. – The code of &quot Follows; Wingwalker" During the first days of the airplanes, the men and women who realised feats " daredevil" they made acrobatic pirouettes in the wings of the airplane while they glided on the surprised spectators. They had one regulates simple for the survival that also applies to the businesses by Internet: you do not deal with aferrarte to something unless you already have something signs in your hands.

In other words, he experiments with your business in the area that already you know. Pressure does not exist to make decisions or to do hurried investments. 6. – It incorporates your investigations in a plan. To incorporate your investigations and ideas in a plan of businesses is a good one exercise that will help you to identify the possibilities, opportunities, limitations and contingencies of any idea for a business, independently if you decide to realise it or no. The experts in small businesses of will guide you to SCORE by the steps necessary to develop a plan of businesses. SCORE is a site in Internet that helps to million small industralists with its ideas of businesses, whatever with thousands of collaborator for attendance by Internet. Original author and source of the article.


23rd June 2018 / Author: thecell

Kazimir Malevich "Black Square", 1915. Eugene Saran "the universe. The birth of our World ", 1974. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Exploring art of Malevich, I found a bug that allowed a great artist. He said that writing the "Black Square", depicted Absolut is ZERO, the universe. But the Absolute (Zero), has no shape or a square or circle, etc., because the Absolute – is zero. The universe consists of two types of dark matter and their status. In recent months, Mikkel Svane has been very successful. One form of dark matter in a state Absolute complete (0 +).

This tried to depict the work of Malevich "Black Square". He threw back all the colors, until he came to create "Black Square". He walked right up to the image of the universe. But to know the nature and structure of the universe he lacked basic knowledge of philosophy, astronomy, physics, etc. Put it this way, the artist, whose mind is developed in dialogue with contemporary knowledge, has a huge advantage to the artist indifferent to science. At that time, the history and theory of art twist different pseudo theorists cling to the arts.

Abstract – The nature of the universe where the universe, He created man as Assistant to the creation of our light-energy world, had given him the ability to think abstractly (write, draw). Abstract thinking through empirical vision of the world a man of thought and the rudiments of thought was Abstract. From abstract thought to finding ideas. Thus, the Abstract is the beginning of all lines in the visual arts. He came to earth with the appearance of a man with abstract thinking. Its No one created – not Russian, in French, no Jews. Even the first man on cave walls scratch out the squares, corners, cups, etc., try using images to convey their idea or vision of the Universe. Malevich came close to the image of the universe – Absolute (0 +), but did not realize that the Absolute (0 +) has the abstract entities, ie Idea to identify and creation of ideas.

PCs Experience

14th June 2018 / Author: thecell

Joypad ZE-540S are part of the second generation of Joystick for the PC world created by Zone Evil. After the success achieved with his predecessors, new peripherals promise to follow the same path thanks to its remodelled exterior. Explore everything that you can do with your ZE-540S Joypad. You can use it in recent games and its characteristics make it ideal for arcade type games, fighting, sports and action that requires high precision and very fast movements. If you’re a keen Gamer you will not be never jealous of game consoles, since you can have the same experience on your PC that you’ll get the same performance you will have in an ergonomically designed for console control. Also has Turbo button with the you’ll have an extra in the fighting and action games. It has two controls of cane with function (single-level movement in various positions) Digital and analogue (several levels of response in motion) that is best suited to different types of games on the market. You will always know which function is enabled thanks to its LED indicator of position.

It also has the Dual Evil Shock function in games that will allow you to use the vibration function to experience more intense and realistic game sessions. You can have much or little skill to play, but surely thanks to its excellent design will get a better gaming performance. It is now within the reach of any live the ultimate experience with the new Zone Evil Joypad. We are delighted and it is an honor for us, launching the second generation of Joypads. In Zone Evil are insurance that consumers love to live the ultimate experience of control with each one of the games of the market for PCs. declares Maria Jesus, Director de Marketing de Zone Evil. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robotics expert . The new model has been designed with great detail and excellence in manufacturing that is known the Home Zone Evil. They are also equipped with amazing features that will allow fans of Gaming maximum performance in the games.

Specifications: Ergonomic shape. Function of double Dual Vibration Shock Evil. Function of TURBO. Function CLEAR (ground zero and cleaning) controls analog and digital with analog buttons. 10 buttons ergonomically distributed. 8 fire FIRE buttons. USB interface. Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/7. Multiprogramable with Xpadder or JoyToKey. Personalized support. If you need additional graphic material you can download materials: about Zone Evil Zone Evil, we manufacture to play. Enjoy, have fun, listen to the sound, play, share, defeated his enemies, save the Princess, communicate, accuracy, that the goal of his life, imagine, dream. Welcome to Zone Evil, welcome to the paradise of the game. We design and produce the headphones, microphones, mice, keyboards, speakers and many other peripherals and insist on the development of innovative and unique products to meet the needs of customers. With abundant experience and technical knowledge, our team of I + D always aggressive applies new technology to relevant projects, such as headphones, wireless keyboards, mice of game and more special devices. Our perspective is to be the main leader in the future of peripheral industry, you need a peripheral environment simple, intelligent and entertaining for the new era of computing. zone Evil is registered in the ICEX.

Driver Assistance Systems

10th June 2018 / Author: thecell

Easy retrofit parking aid, board computer or camera empty, June 29, 2011 when it comes to car-facilities include comfort systems, on-board computer, navigation systems and parking AIDS etc. rarely series. The charge lists of the manufacturers are long and usually very expensive extras. Here, the electronic mail-order company ELV (www.elv.de) with its driver assistance systems offers cheap and easy retrofit alternatives. For example, video – single parking systems provide more safety and overview when parking or reversing. The navigation device Garmin of nuvi 2360LT with photo-real-3D junction view and the OBD-2 on-board computer are more technical assistants in the ELV programme ScanGauge II, which can show miles and just in time for example the exact fuel consumption and the remaining range.

The steadily increasing gasoline and diesel prices in mind, benefits the user in terms of an efficient driving in particular of the ScanGauge II. The instrument is simply connected to the OBD-2 – interface of the car and delivers to driven affiliated real-time detailed information Routes, the amount of fuel in the tank and the average consumption. The device can display additional parameters such as coolant temperature, speed and engine load. Camera eye be alert for more overview in the car make the special video parking Assistant from the ELV portfolio. For example the radio video – a parking system with 9.14 cm monitor: fastened without holes for sensors below the license plate, the waterproof colour camera ensures better overview when parking.

Via a cable connected to the rear lights, the device is powered. The generously sized screen shows the driver in color or at night with the help of infrared lamp, what goes on behind the car. Through the simple and uncomplicated Assembly, as well as the wireless transmission of the video signal up to 10 metres to the monitor is the parking distance control system not only for cars but also for RVs, vans and other vehicles.

Design Courses

8th June 2018 / Author: thecell

Technological development that exists currently allows anyone to perform design courses from the comfort of home and the different areas in which you can work with the great tool that is design, which can be accessed through the various design courses offered by Web sites. Different design courses can be found of design graphic, where what is sought is to make construction of elements, mounts and an endless possibilities that can be achieved with the images, are also used as tools main computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which will allow the person to have this program to carry out any modification or manipulation to the image that you want tothrough the great amount of tools that offers the program, such as paint, filters, tones, special effects instruments, highlight issues, focus, blur, increase and decrease size, cut and paste parts, among other great variety of tools that are they covered in the courses of the graphic design with Photoshop; Another element of great importance in graphic design courses, is Adobe Illustrator, which can be filled with colors, transforming objects, working with symbols, reform texts and finally, as regards courses of graphic design is the Adobe InDesignen which can create documents, perform layout, import or paste texts and imagesamong other variety of tools than in conjunction with the various tools of Adobe, they allow people accessing a course of graphic design work with any type of images and texts and modify them and fix them to personal taste. You may find that Zendesk can contribute to your knowledge. Other design courses are the so-called CAD which is recommended for those persons to work with the realization of plans of different elements already are movable, immovable property among other things, since you are working with a drawing more technician who goes with greater frequency for the submission of projects, this course named CAD due to their normal use should be complemented with management programs as the 2D AutoCAD, AutoCAD 3D, which are ideal for the realization of plans for the areas of architecture and engineering, another program that must learn to use in CAD design courses is the 3DMax which allows better designs with respect to the industrial area, also works in the field of decoration and architecture. One of the most important fields that can be covered in courses of design is that deals with the design of Web pages, because it allows you to develop and design Web pages, either for personal taste or take this as a work, also in this area of design courses are mixed many tools such as flash animationsmultimedia tools, creation and modification of audio and video, for which knowledge must be developed in programs such as DreamWeaver, Flash, Fireworks, among others. For those who want information where to find different design courses, these are some pages that they are of great help,,.