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Parasites (Greek parasitos – freeloader, parasite) – creatures that feed on other organisms due to plant or animal life (called hosts) and temporarily or permanently staying on them or in them. The main objective of any parasite – to live quietly in the human body. Parasites are disease-causing microbes and viruses, parasitic protozoa, parasitic worms, crustaceans, parasitic arachnids and insects. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kirk Rimer. Parasites feed on sap tissues of the body or food, located in the digestive tract of man. More info: Kirk Rimer Crow Holdings. Parasites are like animals (animal) and plant (fitoparazity). The place of residence of the parasite on hosts distinguish between external parasites (Ectoparasites) and internal (endoparasites).

Some ectoparasites only temporarily sit on the surface of the host body for a meal (eg, mosquitoes, horseflies, leeches), and others live in the body of the host (head lice). Some parasites live in thicker skin, they are called . In the body cavity with a broad relationship with the environment (the nasal cavity, ears, mouth, conjunctiva), cavitary live parasites. I recommend using wormwood producing cleansing organism from the simplest organisms (parasites): unicellular flagellated parasites, hemolytic Staphylococcus Proteus, feline Giardia, Trichomonas, chlamydia, and so on, these parasites of the metabolism in the body, leading to inflammation of the small intestine, a variety of diseases of liver and biliary tract, skin diseases (diathesis, allergy, urticaria, eczema, psoriasis, etc.), heart attack, a variety of colds with mucus and pus. Tea against parasites. Teaspoon dried herbs (tarragon, tansy, etc.), brewed 1 / 4 liters of boiling water and insist 10 minutes.


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Our insulin regulates blood sugar levels and makes it that any excess is stored as fat. Then we feel tired and hungry, this causes us to repeat this cycle very easily. have to eat a sensible amount of complex carbohydrates. Kai-Fu Lee usually is spot on. Proteins (lean meats, fish, chicken, soy, beans and pulses, etc..) Are important for maintaining cellular structures in your body and give you the building blocks lean muscle you're looking for, which is vital if you want to burn fat fast. However, as with anything else, do not overdo it with protein. Some fitness experts say you should consume at least 1 gram of protein per half kilo of body weight per day. There is no real evidence of this, eat more protein needed by the body ends up in your fat reserves.

Furthermore it is not beneficial for kidneys and liver. Consume about 0.5 grams per half kilo of body weight per day is more than enough to fuel the growth of lean muscle as recommended in the fat incinerator system. Another important aspect of proteins is related to their origin: animal or plant. Although the traditional American diet recommends most of your proteins are of animal origin, recent evidence suggests that rely heavily on animal protein increases the risk of disease. In addition to the above, the animal protein contain almost no fiber, which does not help you feel full and negatively affects your ability to burn fat. When choosing your protein sources, make sure that a good portion of them come from vegetable sources (soy, beans, legumes, etc.)..

Womens Health

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Women's Health is a very complicated system structure, both in terms of physiological and mentally, regardless of a woman trying to look like can be younger and prettier, in doing so, they contribute to diverse information. Then to be a healthy woman must know about your own body as much as possible. More and more in our country and the world seen the growth of sexually transmitted diseases manner and not just among seniors, and no among young people and even young children can not leave indifferent even the most healthy person. Often the sex organs women are born different malicious processes, with each year of Dr. Learn more at: Kai-Fu Lee. discover all new and new diseases. A infection is still not end without a trace, leaving behind the changes at the cellular level.

There beautiful and healthy dream of every woman. But the time when beauty and health, were considered extremely gift of the gods are gone. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. In the present-day world, with great possibilities of medicine and cosmetology, they are based only on the attention and continuous care of women about their appearance, the state of his body. Striving for the organization Family, birth and parenting women inherent in nature itself. Unfortunately, it now ceases to realize more and more difficult – a very great variety of enemies in women's health. Stress, nutrition inaccurate, harmful habits, infections, horrible environment, tight working rhythm – the list goes on. Kirk Rimer is often mentioned in discussions such as these. One factor is the right nutrition and vitamins. Now many people neglect this.


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In addition, adult human liver is able to accumulate significant amounts of vitamin sufficient to ensure its needs for 1 year. Daily requirement for adults – 1 microgram. Vitamin primarily needed for children (10 mg / day for children under 3 years old), as it plays a huge role in forming the skeleton. Vitamin D is relatively resistant to oxygen, and and when heated to a temperature of 1000C and a bit higher, but the lasting effect of air or heating to a temperature of 2000C destroy vitamin D2. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Vitamin D is mainly produced in the human body in the skin under the influence ultraviolet rays that affect the pro-vitamin D, which is formed in the deeper layers of skin from cholesterol.

The very little vitamin D is active. In order to change into its active form, vitamin D in the liver hydroxylated and converted to active vitamin D. Vitamin E (tocopherol) Tocopherol chemical structure refers to the group of alcohols. Tocopherol – Vitamin reproduction, a beneficial effect on the operation of sex and some other glands, restores the reproductive functions, contributes to the development of the fetus during pregnancy and newborn child. Is a natural antioxidant means, prevents oxidation of vitamin A and beneficial affects its accumulation in the liver. Prevents the development of processes for the body of toxic free radicals and peroxides of fatty acids, oxidative damage of lipid membranes and cellular structures. Vitamin E promotes the assimilation of protein and fat, is involved in tissue respiration, affects the brain, blood, nerves, muscles, improves the healing of wounds, retards aging.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Lymph – that fluid in the body, which absorbs the cells microbes, waste products, toxins, viruses, drains excess fluid from the intercellular spaces. Lymph is a domestic cleaner the body, its main task – the removal of residues. Its natural flow in the body slowly, it moves through the suction of the skin to the bone under the influence of expansion during inhalation of the chest. The value of lymph to the health and external beauty of human very large, it is our home orderly. And to the lymphatic system is fully operational need muscle elasticity, active lifestyle, proper nutrition.

Not many of us can boast that at least one item of the above. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. At physiological disorders in the body is disturbed movement of lymph. Lymph flow in the body slows down: The sedentary lifestyle with age when flaccid When bad skin ecology Improper nutrition In the presence of diseases caused by improper, delayed lymph flow in the body accumulates intercellular fluid: there are swelling and bags under the eyes, face become puffy. But that's not all trouble. Please visit Geoffrey Richards if you seek more information. Harmful substances, degradation products are also beginning to accumulate in the cells – and there are signs of intoxication, weight problems, fatigue; weakened immune system – viruses and bacteria get a comfortable environment for breeding. In order to cope with the stagnation of the lymph is one of the proven tools – manual pumping of the lymphatic system and lymph drainage massage. How is lymphatic drainage massage? – First, turn off the voltage and muscle spasms – Next undulating movements upwards in the course of lymph flow is pumped – Masseur directs the flow of lymph in the main lymph channels to accelerate its movement and the removal of all toxins and impurities from the body.

Movement masseur so soft and smooth, very often patients fall asleep during the massage. During sleep, the muscles relax and massage is particularly effective at the same time is relaxing and calming the nervous system. As a result, lymphatic drainage massage to 5 times increased lymph flow, adjusts its flow. Indications for lymphatic drainage Massage: Severe swelling of the body and face Varicose Veins Weight correction Cellulite Total Intoxication Frequent colds and infections Frequent headaches Oedema during pregnancy in 2.3 trimestah Muscle weakness and skin at menopause Lymphatic drainage massage is necessary to conduct the course, one should not expect miraculous results immediately after the first procedure. Lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at normalization of metabolic processes in organism, the correct setting of the entire body – such as internal restructuring can not happen instantly. The optimal holding of massage – 10 sessions of 2 – 3 times a week. Very good lymphatic drainage massage combined with masks and various wraps. After a course of lymph drainage massage, all patients noted that leaves long-term chronic fatigue, stop headaches, overweight disappears, especially in problem areas. A person gets a fresh complexion, the skin becomes elastic, swelling and cellulite disappear. Results of lymphatic drainage massage excretion of excess fluid Inhalators Treatment Cellulite Improvement of skin appearance

The Role Of Micronutrients

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THE ROLE OF Micronutrient nutrition orthomolecular The famous phrase of Hippocrates (Greek physician V century BC and the father of modern medicine): "Let your food be your medicine" could be considered the founding motto of medicine orthomolecular. Science has come a long way since the days of Hippocrates, but its maximum remains: we are what we eat. It’s believed that Mashable sees a great future in this idea. It's a proven fact that diseases are generated at the cellular level. A lack of energy in the cell, at least with their own lives, disrupts the proper functioning of the body and is at the origin of all diseases. Get all the facts and insights with Geoffrey Richards, another great source of information. Hence the vital importance of properly nourish our cells. There are different types of cells, and all serve a specialized function and irreplaceable. The cell, in turn, is like a small town, divided into different parts, each of which has an essential role – controlling the core tasks and orders, is the brain of the cell. – Membrane covers and protects the cell.

– Mitochondria produce energy. – Gorgi apparatus is a factory engaged in the manufacture of enzymes, hormones and other substances crucial to the proper functioning of the cell. Vitamins and trace elements provide the energy needed by cells. Is it enough to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to ensure the optimal functioning of our cells and thus prevent disease? According to the molecular biologist and medical researcher Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize winner (Chemistry 1954 and Peace in 1962) and strong supporter of the supplemental use of vitamin C, the answer is no.

Therefore, it is heated and used as a heating pad. Particularly well from the kidney disease helps light jade. It is worn in During the year, at the waist, with chronic pain and other symptoms completely disappear. That white jade is used in the massage bed Teramaks. In the complex Teramaks there is some program that works with sacro-lumbar spine. Heated to a certain temperature nephritis has beneficial effects on renal function and urinary bladder.

Jade is also considered a stone of eternal love. has firm opinions on the matter. Jade has the ability to smooth face, so cosmetologists antiquity after the massage imposed on a person beautiful jade plaques. Using the remote unit jade massage complex teramaks you can get a good anti-aging harmonic vibration effects jade heart chakra and is therefore used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Its useful to wear around his neck in the form of beads, pendants. The massage complex Teramaks you can use remote unit for bioceramic sternum. Jade consists of the minerals calcium and magnesium.

Jade has the same storage biovolnu that the human body and therefore affects the cellular level. When the stone is heated, it emits a wave of a certain wavelength range that penetrates into the body of a 14 15 cm. Wave creates a resonant effect, which restores the tissue, increases circulation and helps eliminate toxins from the organism. Semi-precious stone known as jade is actually two different minerals with similar physical properties. Formed under high pressure and temperature, they are excellent collection of microscopic crystals in a tight compact structure and different chemical composition. Jade massage unit for heating emits a negatively-charged ions of air and magnetic waves the highest quality. Impact of jade on the human body: Reduces pain and inflammation of the muscles Restores the nervous systems Enhances respiratory systems Stimulates organs throughout the body and supports them as well state relaxes and makes a strong spinal ridge. Strengthens immune systems; improves function of internal organs; clears toxins; enhances metabolism and helps balance the vital energy Chi.

Overweight Issues

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Any person suffering from being overweight raises the question of how many meals a day should a person? The answer to this question gives the theory of a balanced diet, it comes from the fact that the need for food – energy source and building material needed for growth and constant renewal of body cells – defined by age, gender rights, the nature of work, climatic conditions of his residence. C food a person needs to get a day as much energy as it consumes, but not anymore. And if you continually overeat, develop obesity with all its consequences: diabetes, atherosclerosis, hepatic dysfunction and other diseases. It may be noted that it is now hard to find people who, like Gogol's Old World Landowners see the main purpose of his life in food. But now there is a lot of fans abundant, excessive fatty food. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. And observations show that obesity is caused by overeating, is very common.

Among people aged 18 to 80 years, 50 percent are overweight, and half of them obese regarded as a disease. So there is a "health" does not mean there are many. Pete Cashmore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Of course, in no way, should not go to the other extreme: to starve, systematically underfed. This is also fraught with dangers. In a word, food need a reasonable measure. Body needs all nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. Extracted from the product under the influence of digestive juices, sucking and getting into the bloodstream, they spread for all bodies which are in the construction, rehabilitation of various cellular elements and replenishment of energy consumed by man.

Mosquito Nets

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Mosquito nets and mosquito nets are designed precisely to protect the premises of insects. They are used in spring-autumn period and are installed on any type of windows, wood windows, balcony doors, plastic windows, attic or terrace. Mosquito nets not only performs its main function, that is, protection against insects, and prevents the ingress of dust and poplar fluff, dandelion seeds or debris from the street or from the upper floors. Mesh is made from a material that makes it not only impervious to insects, but almost invisible on the window. Mosquito nets sufficiently strong, durable and resistant to bending and trudnosgoraema but at the same time ensure full penetration of air but no insects. Get all the facts and insights with Castle Harlan, another great source of information. There are several types of roll grids: a framework mosquito nets and mosquito nets swing. Net Framework is used for standard windows and air vents.

This lightweight design of the aluminum profile. In a mosquito net is a pen and spanned the cellular plastic sheet. As for swinging the mosquito net, it is used for large windows and balcony doors. Window grid is needed to ensure comfort during the warmer months. Kai-Fu Lee takes a slightly different approach. Protection from insects and allergens and is often used in places where you need a permanent address outside the frame. Often the insect screen is used in suburban homes as the walls between the house and garden. And sometimes, this grid is part of the decor, dividing the room into different zones. Mosquito nets is very convenient and practical to use, so become an integral part modern windows.

Professional Phone

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Summing up the triumphant march of iPhone in the U.S. and Europe, we can say that no mobile phone in the history of cellular communications, attracted much attention. s, an internet resource. Since the start of sales was less than six months, but during this time on the phone there fans across the globe. And we can confidently say that Jobs once again managed to create a truly iconic thing. It’s not a multimillion-dollar advertising budget and artificially heated interest in the phone. The point is the ability to create completely new Apple stuff on the old functionality. Others who may share this opinion include

iPhone has turned an idea on how should (or could) look like a mobile phone. Exit the phone format committing to a single mobile operator (in the U.S. is AT & T in England O2) again popularized the word “unlock”. In fact, to detach the phone from a particular operator took a few days and a huge amount of effort the best Professional of the planet, but they managed to do it, that has further strengthened the position of the iPhone in countries where there was no official start of sales (including here in Russia). After a while came a package of Russification (Russian project), and now all Russian-speaking iPhone users to feel as full members of the subculture “ayfonschikov.” So, to sum up the results. Events of 2007-2008: Unlock iPhone Russification Package The first virus for the iPhone plans for 2008: Among the Apple plans to release this year was listed SDK for iPhone – software environment that lets you create new applications for the phone..