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30th September 2015 / Author: thecell

A life without the Internet is almost certainly no longer conceivable. Whether at work or at leisure, an ever greater part of our lives is “online” happening. Berlin, September 27. Get all the facts and insights with Bruce Shalett, another great source of information. A life without the Internet is almost certainly no longer conceivable. Whether at work or at leisure, an ever greater part of our lives is “online” happening. Be always available is already long not only to have the phone always. Most people now use your Smartphone to be also on the move always online. You can easily check their E-mail via mobile phone, read the latest news, or send a message to their friends on Facebook. Bruce Shalett follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

For some time, the so-called mobile Internet is so well built, you can surf in Germany almost in all parts with DSL speed via the mobile phone. Many UMTS contracts are tailored but not on the individual needs of its customers: long contracts, monthly rental charges and rigid volume or time limits make mobile surfing extremely inconvenient and expensive. For young people, such treaty represent a major problem: the allowance is exceeded once, each megabyte or every minute costs money. Now many UMTS providers have recognized these problems and offer also prepaid cards in addition to their contracts: how a normal prepaid card for mobile phones you determine how much money you load onto your card and when you spend it for what. Either with flats for day – pay only on the days where you really need the mobile Internet.

Or with volume tariffs – you only pay for what they have actually consumed. In addition, there are now also prepaid flatrates, so unlimited surfing for a monthly fee. The advantages are obvious: you only pay when you actually use the services. If you go away for a month, download just no new credit balance on your account, and also don’t have to pay. When you get back home, you can quite simply brush up on your wallet and continue browsing without annoying contracts. Since almost all large and small Cellular providers bring their own rates and offers on the market, hardly can the offer be overlook. It is often already difficult at all to find out which provider in an area has the best deal. To bring a little light into this collective confusion, provides, a practical overview of the different offers. The election will thus facilitate a lot. No matter whether you choose at the end for O2, Vodafone or T-Mobile – with a prepaid card you have control over your spending. About prepaid SIM cards prepaid was launched in 2007 in life. The independent prepaid SIM cards comparison portal provides an overview of prepaid provider. We help you find cheap Prepaidtarife on. We work together with a variety of prepaid providers and present offerings without minimum turnover, as well as contract.

Natural Remedies For Cystic Fibrosis

27th September 2015 / Author: thecell

Alternative medical treatments for cystic fibrosis, the cystic fibrosis is a genetic metabolic disorder which is regarded as incurable. There are different severities characteristic of cystic fibrosis. So, normal life expectancy can be achieved in mild cases. But on average, the life expectancy is about 35 years. Most important aims in the holistic treatment of cystic fibrosis patients, the symptoms so far to improve that decreases the severity of cystic fibrosis and thus in terms of quality of life and life of a Visual improvement. Not reaching a total healing for cystic fibrosis but unfortunately, because of a genetic defect. All secretions of Exocrine glands are pathologically altered in cystic fibrosis.

This leads to various errors such as: viscous mucus in the bronchi caused bronchitis, bronchiectasis and lung infections.As a result a lung injury can slowly evolve with chronic hypoxia. The pancreas is insufficient enzymes to Digest free and the mucous membrane in the complete digestive tract is pathologically changed. All digestive secretions are poorly produced with pathological viscosity (thickened by dehydration). This has resulted digestive disorders that are associated with underweight. Also the secretion by the liver-gall system are disrupted. The therapeutic approach for cystic fibrosis has evolved with us in naturopathic family tradition for half a century and is based on many empirical values. Cystic Fibrosis treatment approach: 1 due to the malfunction of chloride channels there is viscous mucus.

A lack of water causes these tough mucus. The chloride channels regulate the intra – and extracellular water (inside and outside of the cell), which is here. You can take this knowledge therapeutic advantage. Using homeopathy and spagyric medicine it is possible, to intervene in this biochemical appropriations and positive influence. 2. enzyme therapy: (not to be confused Harbey enzyme therapy very effective ways are.) The gift of enzymes improves the metabolism of food. Enzymes are administered which proteins, fats and carbohydrates can split. 3. Harbey enzyme therapy: this therapy improves metabolism in intracellular (inside the cell). Damaged cells are repaired, the metabolism is normalized. 4. strengthening the pancreas = increased own production of digestive enzymes by means of homeopathy and spagyric medicine. 5. strengthening of kidneys using the spagyric medicine, homeopathy. “The kidneys control parent the water budget after years of the kidneys are invalidated, because this much, too much” must provide in compensation. 6. strengthening the liver-gall system using the spagyric medicine, homeopathy: about the bile juice which flows into the intestine, the liver stimulates the digestion. 7. setting up the Mucosa, strengthening the lung function by means of spagyric medicine, homeopathy. Continue to learn more with: Bruce Shalett. 8 therapy with Ribunokleinsauren = regeneration of the cells. 9. Own blood therapy affects the immune system regulatory and stimulating. “10 microbiological therapy: a healthy intestinal flora has approximately 100 trillion good helper” which have an enormous metabolism. These physiological micro-organisms help digestion, boost the immune system and regenerate mucous membranes. 11 improvement of inner breathing – the intracellular respiratory (steps) is improved. 12 oxygen multi-step therapy. 13 Osteopathy sports Physiotherapie = improvement of lung function, specific gymnastic exercises. 14 nutrition therapy-a nutrition plan is compiled which positively affects metabolism metabolic. 15th dance, sing, swim (exhale underwater strengthens lung function, like singing and dancing.) 16 Orthomoleculare medicine compensate for deficiencies. Stefan Halison practitioner with a focus on homeopathy, osteopathy, TCM

Argan Oil

21st September 2015 / Author: thecell

What benefits are obtained using edible argan oil and argan cosmetic oil?, to answer this question I will mention the properties of each of them, their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the preparation of each principle, culinary use argan oil has a characteristic flavor that in many occasions people defined as a or walnuts or almonds, this flavor is given to toast the seeds of the fruit of the argan tree before leaving the seeds to remove the seeds from which oil is extractedThis way the oil obtained a darker Golden tone and a pleasant taste, the disadvantage of this principle is that some properties of argan oil are removed, however to ingest the oil it still contains the gamma-tocoferoles, sterols, lupeoles and other nutrients sufficient to give us a myriad of benefits. When the oil is ingested prey sterols that reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, prevent cancer by avoiding the proliferation of cancer cells without damaging healthy cells, have anti inflammatory action, as well as polyphenols that prevent aging, the carotenoids that protect from Ultra violet rays, fatty acids rich in gamma-tocoferoles which have an antioxidant power only, as well as sterols that also prevent cancer, prevent cellular dehydration, you help control gastritis to repair tissues thanks to its healing and regenerative action, among many others. Cosmetic argan oil is extracted in the cold so that it retains its properties intact, because unlike the edible that nutrients are absorbed by the intestine, argan cosmetic oil is absorbed by the cells of the skin, it was found that the membrane lypidic of cells which take the necessary nutrients that are in the oil as the gamma-tocoferolesthe lupeol, vitamin A and other nutrients to strengthen your system, nourish and reproduce more quickly, providing elasticity, moisturization, softness and smoothness to the skin. This method makes that unlike the edible oil this oil does not have a pleasant taste and a pale or dark golden color. The advantage of this oil is that you take advantage of their properties and do not need to heat it to use it. The only disadvantage of the culinary oil is that if you want to give the food a flavor as the Moroccan food you’ll use even for frying, and heat the oil this will lose their properties and your profits, but you can use this oil to garnish your salad or other food in this way consume it at room temperature and in a natural way to make the most of. Various studies have shown that two teaspoons per day per person are more than enough to benefit from the properties of argan oil.

So no matter if you use one or two options always will have benefits with argan oil. In addition to using argan cosmetic oil, this wonderful product has other uses. Are you interested in knowing more properties of argan oil? Continuous reading my articles on this wonderful product.

Need Life Without Water

19th September 2015 / Author: thecell

Thanks to water our body performs vital functions as regulating body temperature or transporting food and gas. Life is water, without water there is no life. The fact that water constitutes about 60% of the body weight in men and nearly 50% in women widely proves its importance to human life. Since FAT or adipose tissue contains scant amount of water, the total percentage of water in the obese individual is less than which presents the non-obese. The relationship between body weight and the total body weight of water free of fat, which is called lean weight, is fairly constant: in an adult the total weight of the water accounts for about 72 percent of lean body mass. This aqueous space is divided into three compartments: the water inside cells, or intracellular space, interstitial fluid (located between the cells) and intravascular fluid, which circulates inside blood vessels. As curiosity must state that the extracellular fluid is an ionic composition similar to the water of the sea, although more diluted.

These three aqueous compartments are in continuous exchange to maintain a proper balance within the body. Total dependency to water water is a truly extraordinary and essential to life food: food and gas are transported in aqueous, waste products are ejected from the body through urine and feces, water regulates our temperature, lubricates our joints and contributes decisively to give structure and shape to the body through the rigidity that provides to the tissuesbecause of this precious liquid is not compressible. In addition, proper hydration helps keep the skin smooth and youthful, as acute or chronic dehydration causes skin wrinkling and splitting with ease. Although water loss can often exceed consumption, its content in the body remains relatively stable over time, and for imbalance, a new intake of liquid allows to adjust in a short time water level required by our body.

Health and anti-aging cosmetics for the skin in a gold cosmetics is the latest trend, has a strong anti-wrinkle effect and is therefore very much in demand. For more information see Byron Trott. What makes Gold cosmetics cosmetics but so valuable anti-aging? Not only in traditional Chinese medicine, gold is estimated millennia as one of the most precious remedies also the important physician and Alchemist Paracelsus called the precious metal gold and praised its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. And also the current research proves: the antioxidant properties of gold inhibit the loss of collagen and elastin, rid the body of toxins and counteract the cellular aging very effectively. Anti aging pur! Gold cosmetics enabled the Chi, which compensates for the vital energy of the body, by the gold through the skin and the meridian system related blockages and tensions of cell in the body and increases. Gold has the same voltage as a healthy cell, and can integrate the 300 of its own weight in moisture. In energetically underserved areas, gold cosmetics acts like a superconductor, which overcomes blockades and again brings them the necessary energy to the affected area and reduces pain among other things.

The unity of body, mind and soul is thus restored. Gold is an ideal means of transport for the active ingredients of herbs disseminated with. The formerly very expensive gold cosmetics was established only for rich, Royal houses and kaiserhofe, as for example the famous beauty of women at the Chinese imperial court was based also on the blending of gold in the ointments and oils. What was at the time only a few, there are today at affordable prices that are barely higher than those of common cosmetics, which is not biologically. Today’s Gold cosmetics is not only very effective, but prepared with other completely natural and organically grown raw materials.

999 fine gold cosmetics from master Lin the 999 fine gold used by master Lin cosmetic series is pure and at the same time the finest recycled gold. It is the oldest cure of the world. The gold cosmetics from master Lin is made according to ancient secret alchemical tradition according to the recipes of the Chinese imperial court and is free of all heavy metals. The gold cosmetics series offers 100% natural products for the outer and inner beauty with fine gold particles in ointments, oils and powders. At the same time, these products are prepared according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), i.e. the Chi is specifically stimulated by special herbs and other ingredients and harmonizes the Yin-Yang relationship. Also a great contribution to health is provided by considering the five elements in TCM. The wonderful products of this highly effective gold cosmetics series you can buy in our beauty shop keep young and beautiful “under Look right in! With every purchase from a value of 150,-euro you expect many gifts and vouchers.

Nitric Oxide

4th September 2015 / Author: thecell

The importance of the oxide nitric to microbiology the Bacteria more resistant known nitric oxide is used in many metabolic processes in animals, but is also an atmospheric pollutant that leads to the formation of smog.The study can help the scientific community knows better why and how nitrogen oxides act in mammals as messengers of intercellular communication, dilation of the vascular system and activation of the immune system. You can also contribute to a better understanding of the response of bacteria to treatments with antibiotics, and provide useful data to reinforce food security, taking into account that D. radiodurans appears in some canned food.The Agency is also being studied for applications in the environmental cleanup of sites contaminated with radiation or toxic substances.The team of Brian Crane and Bhumit Patel has discovered a gene in D. A related site: Mashable mentions similar findings. radiodurans which, when exposed to radiation UV, increases the production of an enzyme responsible for the formation of nitric oxide. In experiments with bacteria genetically manipulated so that they lack this gene, researchers have found that these bacteria are still capable of autorrepararse when they suffer damage as a result of exposure to radiation, but do not grow or proliferate. If nitric oxide signal is blocked, the cells is autorreparan but are not divided.In other words, the bacterium is much more vulnerable to damage from radiation when not counts with the help of nitric oxide.However, researchers have discovered, with surprise, that the absence of nitric oxide has no effect on the ability of bacteria to resist the action of other threats, such as oxidation damage linked to toxic free radicals. Original author and source of the article

Malignant Tumors

18th August 2015 / Author: thecell

Malignant tumors can arise only where the citric acid cycle is pathologically changed. Each cell has a cell organelles in the mitochondria of the citric acid cycle, which takes place under aerobic conditions energy WINS. In cancer patients, the citric acid cycle is derailed so that fermentation processes take place, which favour the production of degenerated cells. Here, homeopathic developed drugs, which intervene directly in the citric acid cycle and improve these. Other leaders such as Byron Trott offer similar insights. The oxygen multi-step was employed as support therapy by Dr. Ardene. The cell information consist of ribonucleic acids. Cancer is Yes to any normal cell division but an uncontrolled produce of degenerate cells.

The specific therapy with ribonucleic acids was used here. Phythotherapeutika that have one end of the cancer inhibition effect, were used. A detoxifying and harmonised metabolic therapy was initiated by means of homeopathy and phytotherapy. Phytotherapeutic bitter substances, which inhibit the growth of cancer, were used. The body’s natural defences was using mistletoe injections. Immunostimulants of Harbey therapy, and strengthened to identify cancer cells and active immunologically to respond. Nutritional therapy fiber-rich mild therapeutic fasting cure, etc. Orthomolecular medicine there are various vitamins, minerals, trace elements, continue.

Plant protection substances which protect intracellular and extracellular cell. These are specifically used. The organism will be trained in-house blood therapy here to recognize cancer cells. Cancer sufferers tend often to tackle conflicts out of the way and to swallow much psychotherapy”, negative emotions are undigested Vice in itself without showing this on the outside. For this reason, it is very important to inner conflicts solving for cancer sufferers. Successful detachment great positive forces become free, which needs the person to heal. These are the 10 pillars of biological cancer therapy. A positive synergism of all 10 points to a strong force is important to here the spark for a regressive Vicariation is required. Stefan Halison practitioner with a focus on osteopathy, homeopathy, Iridology, TCM

Intel ATOM

15th August 2015 / Author: thecell

The impact-E150 is a compact, fanless embedded system with Intel Atom D2550 dual-core processor. The new impact-E150 is a kompakteslufterloses embedded system, Intel Atom D2550Dual-core processor, it represents an ideal base for a variety of applications. Embedded PCs with very compact housings are one of the most popular products on the market today. To meet the growing demand for these products, Amplicon, the well-known embedded-impact series to the new impact E150 has expanded models. The CedarviewATOM D2550Prozessor of the impact E150 supports the Intel GMA3600Grafik and offers multiple multimedia and Internet support including dual-display undFull-HD-1080 p video playback with minimal power consumption. Developed furAnwendungen, in conesfrom low space requirement of utmost importance is the impact E150 has a very small footprint. The impact E151 and the impact E152 are therefore the appropriate basis for many applications in vehicles, in the transport sector, in point-of-sales (POS) applications, in the Security monitoring, as well as in the building and industrial automation.

The impact E150 models have an additional 2.5 “hard drive or be equipped with solid state disk (SSD). Also, there is the possibility of extending the embedded PCs to additional WiFi and cellular modules. Nestled in a rugged fanless aluminum case the impact E150 effectively dissipate heat occurring models and guarantee smooth operation even in demanding environments. The power supply can be either an external 230V power adapter or directly over a very flexible power supply of 9 19VDC.

Internet Via Cellular Network

13th August 2015 / Author: thecell

As mobile browsing with DSL speed was made possible the use of the Internet via the mobile network is on the rise. In addition to the continuous evolution of mobile devices and decreasing data costs, the speed with which data can be transferred, plays a central role. Few years ago data transfers with the GSM cell phone with only 14.4 kBit / s were possible, so a lot less than using the classic modem at home. In 2001, GPRS finally has entered the mobile phone networks. Thus the speed increased to at least 53.6 referred to as high speed Kbps. The first mobile networks of the third generation (3 G), such as the UMTS networks are also referred to, then already offered the performance of DSL light ports with 384 kBit / s. You may find Pete Cashmore to be a useful source of information. And with the enlargement of the UMTS, HSDPA, it is now possible, as fast as with a DSL connection mobile to browse the Internet. With the expansion of broadband networks, the four network operators proceed differently. Swarmed by offers, marketing financial is currently assessing future choices.

The pioneer T-Mobile and Vodafone offered as first data transfer rates of up to to 1.8 MBit / s at and meanwhile increase on up to 7.2 MBit / s. Further increases of the performance are already announced. O2 has now arrived at 1.8 MBit / s, partly even at 3.6 MBit / s. All three carriers expand their networks as of 2008 include the HSUPA technology, which allows for higher speeds in the preparation. E-plus announced the upgrade of its network with HSDPA for 2008 after much hesitation. While a good UMTS availability now exists in most of the cities and metropolitan areas, wait still longer or even in vain in many rural regions on the development of the mobile broadband network. The interest of the operator on an expansion in the area is rather low, which is quite understandable from an economic perspective. However, there is another way to increase the transmission rates for mobile Internet and higher bandwidths to such areas, which are not supplied with UMTS with EDGE.

Here have built a completely new network, but only the existing GPRS network will be expanded. Although EDGE to UMTS or HSDPA can reach, but at least allows data rates up to 200 KB / s. T-Mobile has built a nearly nationwide broadband network, for example, in this way. In the future the band widths for the mobile use of the Internet will increase further. A candidate who is already seen as a successor for UMTS is LTE. Thus, the speed up to 100 Mbps will be raised. When this technique to prevail and is offered by the German network operators, is still uncertain.

Analog Cellular Networks

7th August 2015 / Author: thecell

Broadband communications in Norwegian fjords Hanover/Berlin, January 19, 2009 – Norway is incredibly beautiful especially in those corners, which are somewhat secluded. Now, it could be even more beautiful after a report by technology review. “At least for people who want to be online anytime, anywhere: A provider called the ice.NET is for some time preparing, nature-loving people in the lodge in the fjord outside on one of the many islands as well as himself in a boat off the coast of the communications technology must-have of nowadays to provide: broadband Internet”, so technology review. The company put in a clever combination of old and new technology: the provider use the license of old Norse analog mobile communications NMT and also run a so-called CDMA network in the United States under the slogan of EVDO known. These procedures allow the simultaneous transmission of different data streams on a common frequency range. The advantage compared to UMTS: Because NMT sends on a lower frequency than UMTS and receives, fewer base stations are necessary and the waves pass. That’s enough for 2.5 to 3 megabits in thinner besiedelteren regions, slightly further out you get, after all, still just a megabit,”technology review writes. The technique was simple.

You can either get a USB modem or even simple a compact Wi-Fi router that is booked at the same time in the wireless broadband Internet access. You don’t need password or SIM card, the device is immediately booked. The router will generate its own private Wi-Fi zone, in which you can engage all the machines in the House. Paid around 250 euros for the hardware, if you want to contract no longer otherwise will be cheaper. For the flat-rate, again almost 50 euros are added in the month. Norwegian standards it’s a bargain”, technology review announced. For Germany, it would be possible as something only according to the specifications of the Federal Network Agency. There should be a political and economic interest with emphasis publicly expressed be”, so the assessment Andreas latzel, Germany head of the ICT Anbieteres Aastra, opposite NeueNachricht.

In the face of four UMTS licenses, which are all very expensive purchased that was very questionable. New 3G-ubertragungsverfahren might not be enforced at the time. The idea is not technically absurd. So, the frequency bands of the former analog C mobile network for Railnet are available, the network for the supply of ICE trains of the Deutsche Bahn. Flash-OFDM modulation technique there in the 450 MHz band to the usage at speeds in the downlink of 1.5 and 5.1 Mbit per second. Technology from rural regions without DSL would can thus open up”, White Lady. However, the situation around WiMAX (802.16) show how are business models for broadband services Council and competition DSL against cable networks make difficult in the age of the flat. While in Germany, WiMAX licenses were awarded in December 2006, still no offer on base is now 24 months later the for rural areas of well suitable WiMAX in sight”, sums up Lady. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web: