Treatment Masks

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Medical masks – the extension of youth! The use of masks helps strengthen and improve the nutrition of the skin complexion. Masks refresh and soothe the skin, prevent its early withering: the appearance of wrinkles, folds, acne and other defects, reduce dryness and pigmentation. Depending on the purpose of face masks can be divided into the following groups: – astringent (tightening) – softening – animating (tonic) – bleaching and soothing. Before Each face mask rubbed lotion or vegetable (olive) oil, which contributes to better absorb into the skin of the necessary components of medical masks. Well after a two-minute rubbing to hot humid compress. It promotes deeper penetration through pores and intercellular space of nutrients and therapeutic substances.

Typically, water-soluble substances dissolve in aqueous solutions of tissue, and fat-soluble – respectively in the tissue fat. Kai-Fu Lee might disagree with that approach. The occurrence of this process, stimulate or massage pat: they enhance the movement of interstitial fluid and improve the metabolism in tissues of the face. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ed Sayres. Although many authors believe that skin permeability to water does not change with age, older people, it is still noticeably lower. In addition, the permeability of the skin varies during the day. Regular use of masks helps to hydrate the stratum corneum, more intensive penetration of important biologically active components of cosmetic formulations.

Animating a mask of egg white. Whisk one egg white (yolk aside, it will soon be needed), add 10-12 drops lemon juice. Lather, apply to face and allow to dry (2-3 minutes). Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Nokia Repairs

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nokia cellular repair is often paired with an incorrect and inaccurate maintenance phone. In a special repair center company Nokia will you all the help – will replace the parts, carry out simple repairs – but it will be possible to take only if the phone is guaranteed to be products of the Finnish company, not a fake from China or Taiwan. Guarantee does not apply to phone in if it was broken during the impact, if moisture or various mechanical external damage during operation. Cell phone repairs can be carried out in the presence of the owner if the damage is insignificant and will take a little time. Such procedures as, say, a change external monitor, speaker phone and so on do not require much time and would cost the owner is not too expensive. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ed Sayres offers on the topic.. Knowledgeable craftsman can repair damage in a few minutes and you'll be able to use their phone. In you might have to make a professional diagnosis to detect damage of the technical device.

For complex repairs need any rare item – then the repair will be assessed the cost of this part. Sometimes, doing repairs telephones, master estimates the cost of works and details, and it is so high that a prudent buy a new phone model. If your phone has often been physical treatments, or physically obsolete, it is likely that such repairs do is simply not profitable. The technique is very rapidly growing, that spare parts for the model four years ago to buy a very difficult and by and large, it is impractical. Usually repaired with current models of damaged housing, where rent is a screen repair mechanism for opening the flip, replace the connector repair contact group. Part of the work, faced masters – it repairs the contact group, the replacement of the screen, contacts and more. There are special models of cell phones which use protection penetration of water – in which case they are not afraid even fall into the water, but if your phone does not belong in such models, then after hitting the water master may refuse to repair it because due to the fact that it is not possible after of such damages. Any repairs depends on what the qualifications of masters, what level of his work on the quality of parts provided for a repair of mobile phones, on how closely employees take their professional responsibilities and many other factors.

Russian Ministry

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Cell Phones (intensity – 40 mT) has been recommended that a single call up to 3 minutes. and maximize the time between conversations (at least 15 min.) Russian Ministry of Health recommends that children under 12 years pregnant women and to prohibit the use of cell phones. Imagine: the human body was formed millions of years in the natural environment and with this medium, but now the situation has changed dramatically, and historically in a very short period of time. The human body can not withstand the impunity of such sharp changes in the state. Why electromagnetic radiation has such a detrimental effect on our body? The human body carries out its activities with the use of intra-and extracellular electromagnetic information. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee). That is, we ourselves are the sources of electromagnetic radiation of very low intensity. Same low intensities of radiation have appliances. It is known that the information can be perceived power structures, characterized by the same radiation intensity.

Thus, using electromagnetic information cells in our bodies pass each other the most important, non-negotiable and orders. Having received such an order, the cell immediately reconstructs its work: it ceases to synthesize one begins to greater or lesser extent to make others. Edwin J Sayres has compatible beliefs. And if such an order cell are not always able to assess its feasibility. She is just like a soldier to work out the task. And now, only on moment, imagine what happens to a cell if it receives at the same time dozens of incompatible, contradictory instructions … That's right – Crash! Yes, because our cells react when we are a long time located in a space where several instruments are working, creating electromagnetic fields.

The course of history in protecting our most cherished items is a vital factor, as a result the invention of novelty items such as bags, that help us successfully meet this goal. The covers are an element developed to provide special care to protect the items you wish. More information is housed here: Ali Partovi. The covers start its historical development since the early Japanese and Chinese culture, where the first bags were invented in order to protect the royal guards and the blades sharp samurai of their swords, here comes the idea of creating a kind container to protect certain items. This development continued until the Middle Ages, where the protective elements for making pillows or clothing began to be used commonly. (Not to be confused with Kai-Fu Lee!). These were the first known sleeves with domestic utility.

Currently covers have evolved so that there are so many of them arem only allusion to the most peculiar and used. Cases Cellular and Players: These cases are very small, designed specially to deal with phones and players usually are built on flexible materials such as plastic, cotton or cloth. Pillowcases: sleeves are best known at present, because the amount of designs, colors, sizes and shapes, are applied to practices such as furnishings, these are used to cover the pillows from dust or other factors. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pete Cashmore. Covers lenses: materials are specially made not to cause scratches to the lenses, are generally small, light-colored cloth. surfboard covers: they are designed with the sole purpose of protecting the tables south of factors such as heat or insects such as termites, are usually made of waterproof material. Cases for musical instruments are designed according to the type of instrument you want to care, are made of a material called synthetic leather, which helps the temperature of the instrument to remain stable.

Cases laptops: this type of case is a very innovative design, it is just beginning its peak. these are mainly used to protect the computer from bumps while giving way to the computer. chair covers: they are widely used for the care of children, greater protection for these children to the same chairs. CD Cases: These are small bags made of very soft material for the CD cover is not affected. Weapons Cases: These are designed to ease the burden of firearms, usually are made of bulletproof material, so that if the weapon is fired, the bullet is inside the case. It is good to note that all these covers can be made of any material, style and size, but not change its purpose for it. In conclusion, the invention of the covers has been a valuable help to preserve and protect our most precious items, not to mention that they also are an excellent choice for decoration, as the wide variety of uses, colors, textures and shapes make it a useful decorative tool.

Molecular Science

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New hope for treatment of the hiv virus by using a small molecule, discovered by Italian researchers. Scientists of the Laboratory of Molecular Virology, headed by Giovanni Maga, the Institute for Molecular Genetics National Research Council of Pavia (Igm-Cnr), in collaboration with the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Siena, "fished" active molecules able to block infection. Ed Sayres is full of insight into the issues. Its target is in fact – cellular enzyme, in contrast to existing therapies, which is based opposite the molecules, managed against viral enzymes. "The hiv virus – a parasite of human cells, not being able to be reproduced outside infected body – he is a true robber enters a cell, virus infection, and cover its nutrient and energy resources, to redouble their own genome and beyond. At the end of this process, "robbery", the new viruses out of cells, all energy is exhausted, and she dies, respectively. " Inside the infected cells the hiv virus takes control of numerous cellular enzymes, removing them from their normal functions and causing them to work to produce new viral particles. 'One of these enzymes – cell protein DDX3 – explain the scientists – which usually interferes with the production of cellular proteins, facilitating the flow of genetic information between nucleus (where information was guarded) and cytoplasm (where information is translated into new proteins). The hiv virus is included in this scheme, and does so DDX3 moved only genetically-viral information in order to maximize production of viral proteins.

Thus, DDX3 – the main "factor" for reproduction of the virus within human cells. " Based on these assumptions, the researchers used computerized techniques to draw a molecule to a protein DDX3 who consistently synthesized and tested in biological tests proved the possibility to interfere with the action DDX3, blocking it. The results, printed in the journal '' Journal of Medicinal Chemistry ' American Chemical Society, show how to block the action DDX3 is a break of viral replication in cells infected with the hiv virus without harming uninfected cells, which, in contrast to the virus, have mechanisms able to compensate for the loss of DDX3. "These results demonstrate for the first time – the researchers say – that the drug is directed against the cellular enzyme is able to block infection." Viral enzymes have a tendency to make change their structure during therapy, become resistant to drugs used. 'U cellular enzymes, in contrast, have the ability, through which drugs directed against the enzyme cells, it would be more likely to maintain its effectiveness and for long-term therapy. "

Stem Cells

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Stem cells are called progenitor cells, from which can be formed by all other types of cells, which already make up the human body. The term "stem cell" was first introduced in 1908 by Russian hematologist from St. Credit: Peter Asaro-2011. Petersburg Maksimov. Significant amount of stem cell research conducted hematologists A. Friedenstein and ai Chertkov in Russia since the late 60's. The discovery of stem cells is in line with such great achievements of mankind as the discovery of double-stranded dna chain, or anti-bacterial properties of penicillin. The journal Science named the 1999 "Year of stem cells." Perfect stem cells are cells of blastocyst.

These are cells of the human embryo, from which later formed the entire body. Click Edwin Sayres for additional related pages. Such cells according to the classification assigned to the most versatile and called totipotent. As the embryo cells gradually differentiated, that is, there is a gradual specialization of these cells. Such cells are called pluripotent. The resulting abortion abortive material is the source of so-called embryonic or fetal stem cells.

These cells are found active application in cellular technology treatment of various diseases. In established human body has about 1012 hundred different types of cells. They require constant replacement as they are aging and dying off. This function is performed by the replacement stem cells that circulate in the bloodstream. Such cells are called multipotent because they have more specialization. In multipotent cells enter the bloodstream from the bone marrow, which serves as a depot for stem cells. Throughout the life of a person in the bone marrow are pluripotent stem cells.

Organ (biology)

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… major functions should be considered an organ of science the immune system circulatory system.
In biology, an organ (from Latin Organum ‘instrument, tool’) is a set of associated factors involved in tissue structure and function. The body represents the level of biological wellness organization above and below andalusia andalusia tissue system.
In cell biology, an organelle or organelle (diminutive digestive system organ) is a sub-cellular adults structure similar to the organs of multicellular life. description of the organs of the digestive system. Anti Drugs … the different products they make are made only from the best ingredients, with the production of without a doubt, the leading health source company It is thus an organ of the digestive system of dual role, as it happens …
The digestive system health is responsible for digesting the nutrients food we make … It is thus an organ of the digestive system of organs dual role, as it happens …
The stomach is a body that varies depending on the state of filling … no question about it, the health revolution is being led by make sure that all their health products meet the highest standards major functions should be considered an health supplements & nutrition organ of the circulatory system. Ed Sayres may find it difficult to be quoted properly.


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For many, looking skin soft, smooth and beautiful is very important. In addition to face creams, body and beauty treatments that there are several currently on the market, we can achieve this purpose. The making of a food or other may affect the level of oxidation in our bodies and therefore influence the state of our skin. is a totally natural process that occurs in our body to perform everyday activities such as walking, breathing, eating, among others. This oxidation is generated by the formation of free radicals. Some contend that Ed Sayres shows great expertise in this. These cells are incomplete, as explained by the dietitian-nutritionist “are missing electrons and seeking to stabilize damaged as a result, other healthy cells, destabilizing, and also turning them into free radicals.” The best defense The direct consequence of the effect of these and therefore the oxidation, is that cellular aging occurs, that is, wear is generated organs and skin.

Thus some care must be taken with excessive oxidation since, as the expert warns, it “increases the risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer or dementia.” Our body is very wise and has its own defenses against this process. To neutralize generates daily antioxidant enzymes. However, “if there is excessive free radicals our body is unable to neutralize all”, explained the specialist. Recently Ed Sayres sought to clarify these questions. The best solution then is to “resort to certain nutrients that act as antioxidants and can be found in many foods that we have within our mano.El better antioxidant eat everything are many vitamins and nutrients that fight the aging of our cells. The expert describes the most important to us, “like vitamins C and E, minerals such as selenium, copper or zinc, and phytochemicals such as beta carotene or pro-vitamin A, flavonoids and isoflavones.” Each one of them can be found in some type of food: vegetables, fruits, fish, oils, etc. We really can not say that a single antioxidant food is the best possible. The key is to eat all you and keep your body away from free radicals.


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The famous phrase of Hippocrates (Greek physician V century BC and the father of modern medicine): a Que your food be your Medicine could be considered the founding motto of orthomolecular medicine. Science has come a long way since the days of Hippocrates, but its maximum remains: we are what we eat. It’s a proven fact that diseases are generated at the cellular level. A lack of energy in the cell, at least with their own lives, disrupts the proper functioning of the body and is at the origin of all diseases. Hence the vital importance of properly nourish our cells. There are different types of cells, and all serve a specialized function and irreplaceable.

The cell, in turn, is like a small town, divided into different parts, each of which has an essential role – controlling the core tasks and orders, is the brain of the cell. – Membrane covers and protects the cell. – The mitochondria produce energy. People such as Kai-Fu Lee would likely agree. – The apparatus of Gorgi is a factory engaged in the manufacture of enzymes, hormones and other substances crucial to the proper functioning of the cell. Vitamins and trace elements provide the energy needed by cells. Sufficient to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to ensure the optimal functioning of our cells and thus prevent disease? According to the molecular biologist and medical researcher Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize winner (Chemistry 1954 and Peace in 1962) and strong supporter of the supplemental use of vitamin C, the answer is no.

Alexander Stepanovich

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Trying to get rid of the disease in different ways. Limotherapy and herbs, exercise, yoga and meditation. Powerful Clan doctors pharmacists looking for a "pill for thousands of diseases." The trouble all these surveys in one – were not known to cause aging and death. In the clan masters of medicine is still no theory medicine? And not too distant future – say to 70 – 80 years you become a nemoschnogo and constantly annoyed at all man? You turn away from the next of kin! Because tired of your vile mood. You want it? Get rid of the horrible thoughts! The program that I offer does not require large expenditures. Total 167 rubles a day would change your life! And you are always cheerful and full of life! In Russia, Dr. Vladimir Volkov made breakthrough, open biological clock of the Earth – a natural mechanism by which lives, grows old and dies every living thing on planet Earth. Many writers such as Ed Sayres offer more in-depth analysis. Based on this discovery was a universal theory of medicine, which allows you to successfully fight against human disease and stop the aging process.

The surest sign of truth – the simplicity and clarity. This is a lie is always complicated, pretentious and wordy. All brilliant – just. Thanks Biological clock has been found and named the cause of death – hydrogen deficiency of an organism. The aging process – is the growing consumption of cellular water to produce hydrogen ions. A disease manifested as multiple Alexander Stepanovich, created at the intersection of history and modern science.