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Sport Motocross Champion

Recently in the socio-political center of Magnitogorsk was a press conference on the Cup of Russia, enduro-sprint 'stone belt', which will be held on 23 and 24 August in the ski resort 'Abzakovo'. Guests of the press conference: MA Kuznetsov – Head of Sports and Tourism department 'Abzakovo' VP MUTUAL – Head of Sports and […]


Other example, Config, which helps set the global parameters of the site may contain only the administrative part and nothing more. – Modules What is a module? Module is a means of expanding the features and capabilities of Joomla. Most often, the module only performs the function of displaying information, and exists only as an […]

Development Proposals

The development proposals can immensely contribute for the establishment of alliances to the accesses with right the nets of health and the introduction of innovations in the public administration, around processes of the participation of the civil society and the government so that it establishes the healthful public politics. Get all the facts and insights […]


Once I saw a cartoon that showed the actions of a community composed of blue characters with different characteristics. One of them was "Afraid" and as its name said, was fear of everything. He lived scared and did not dare to undertake any enterprise, because he was afraid of failure and the worst, unconsciously felt […]