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Sport Motocross Champion

Recently in the socio-political center of Magnitogorsk was a press conference on the Cup of Russia, enduro-sprint 'stone belt', which will be held on 23 and 24 August in the ski resort 'Abzakovo'. Guests of the press conference: MA Kuznetsov – Head of Sports and Tourism department 'Abzakovo' VP MUTUAL – Head of Sports and […]

January Market

On the day of Friday, the dollar had closed in slates to $3.47 on the tip selling retailer. The bet that makes the market, is the continuity of the depreciation of the Argentine peso. In this sense, Rofex market futures are operated to $3.50 by year’s end and $3.55 for late January. It is important […]

Gymnastics For Athletes

All fans of sports such as bodybuilding and fitness portal with a memorable name offers a unique almanac of sporting events and photo gallery by famous athletes. On Here you will find many interesting and high-quality photographs of several thousand athletes, their biographical information, history, speeches of professional and amateur tournaments, the comments of […]