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Scot John Napier

The essential part of these works of compilation was realised in Baghdad as of the year 762 D.C, one of the most famous works of mathematical the Arabic must to Al-Khwarizmi, librarian of the Caliph Soul mum. Al- Khwarizmi wrote a treaty of mathematics which used the Hindu numeration. This treaty was translated to the […]

Cristina Fernandez

The casseroles Argentineans returned to indicate their sound in protest to the way how the present president Cristina Fernandez is leading to the country, and mainly, before the conflict of the Field that already has been a good time without reaching agreements that return to give the confidence, stability that as much inhales the Argentineans. […]

Maria Environmental Engineer Slavic Luisa

Also, a disarticulation is demonstrated of public sector (environmental organizations), as regulating being and developer of policies for the adapted handling of the resource. Challenges and opportunities This small analysis demonstrates, beyond the obtaining of a prize the following challenges: Promotion of the innovation in the enterprise sector. Although the solutions " at the end […]

The Individuality

Practical of individual relationships and the local society, added to the development of the communication technology, that for signal is provoking an evolution in the tourism, it places the paradox global politician under new searchlights and needs to be studied the new paper of the State, in the new chances of global and regional development. […]