The Individuality

Practical of individual relationships and the local society, added to the development of the communication technology, that for signal is provoking an evolution in the tourism, it places the paradox global politician under new searchlights and needs to be studied the new paper of the State, in the new chances of global and regional development. The practical one of the democracy as an instrument of development of individual front to the society is common in the interests of the individuality, but the new challenges of the humanity go beyond a world in transformation, where how much bigger the volume of negotiations, minors will be the consensuses of the sovereignty of the nations and minor still will be the contribution in cooperaes of global collective interests. Although the complex cultural system of the global society, only movements of contribution of a society more joust, can assist the Man to have a worthier and impartial horizon. Movements of right the global life appear when using a keyboard of the fingers in the electronic medias and of planetary citizens worried about the world where we live. Congratulations to the defenders of the collective social rights, the democracy are part of the movement of the global paradox and respect to the environment. To happen the natural balance of the forces politics with the collective interests of the society, they are necessary movements that value the union of values, all we live the same in planet, that the defenders, educators and representatives politicians of the good always apiem interests that respect the life, the progress and the development of the education to diminish the social differences in the destination of the peace!