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What is the creatine? , How I must take creatine? , Which are the indirect effect of the creatine? , Which is the best creatine? Unless you finish arriving from another planet, you must know that when is supplements to strengthen those of muscles, the creatine is with greater demand. Until now, the creatine has […]

Nokia Electronics Nokia Information Systems

Thanks to this powerful production capacities of the company quickly managed to consolidate its position in Europe and Asia. In 1998, Nokia announced an increase in profits yf 70 -% (210 billion euros), while its main rivals Motorola and Ericsson reported a reduced production rate. The mobile market continued to boom, while also growing and […]

Dominican Republic

in January 2007 as part of a process of separation of cellular services in the former Verizon Dominicana bought by America Movil for more than 2 000 million dollars, being the most important operation in America Movil 2006. The services of fixed telephony and data were grouped under the old mark of Codetel. Claro has […]


Contents In elaborating on any biological phenomenon and trying to explain the intimate nature of the processes that determine a property or function of living beings, we inevitably in the field of molecular biology. Take for example the study of genes. The classical laws of Mendel are explained immediately in morphological and functional knowledge of […]