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Dent Removal

Modern development of new technologies in the automotive field, to date, to avoid costly repairs by auto body straightening with PDR. What is it? Car owners are often faced with problems, but a deep dent of the collision, the impact of a heavy object, for example, when a car falls wood, stone, etc. Now, applying […]

Iron Industry

At this time, the market of computer components (hereinafter – “Iron”) is growing by leaps and bounds. There are new video cards, processors, is rapidly increasing number of cores, memory and takes a prohibitive rate was marked DDR3 and so on and so. But is it worth to spread a terrible amount of money for […]

Genie Backup Manager

To create disk images, it is not even trying, but it has System Restore using boot CD – Disaster Recovery. Program supports all three types of backup: full, differential and incremental. There is also a function of rotation of backups – it is possible to consistently perform full and incremental backups in the same problem. […]