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Komsomolskaya Pravda

Deputy CEO Alexander Aniskevich in his speech suggested that the history of the car with the classic manual transmission has ended. The usual car, in his opinion, is the efficiency performance (COP) at 17%. Such an ‘exhaust’ is not much better than a locomotive. This is akin to potato cultivation in the USSR, where most […]

Digital Relays

Long time digital relays have been effective in blocking – the relay will not work until the receive the command. A security system sends this command only at a resolution of a trip, and not when the car lights flashing and siren screaming hysterically. But what prevents hijacker bring security system, similar installed on the […]

Dent Removal

Modern development of new technologies in the automotive field, to date, to avoid costly repairs by auto body straightening with PDR. What is it? Car owners are often faced with problems, but a deep dent of the collision, the impact of a heavy object, for example, when a car falls wood, stone, etc. Now, applying […]