Komsomolskaya Pravda

Deputy CEO Alexander Aniskevich in his speech suggested that the history of the car with the classic manual transmission has ended. The usual car, in his opinion, is the efficiency performance (COP) at 17%. Such an ‘exhaust’ is not much better than a locomotive. This is akin to potato cultivation in the USSR, where most of the crop remained in the fields. And this failure of industrial society – the previous day, quoted him as saying “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Modern electric cars being developed by foreign automakers, according to him, too inefficient, because Lithium-ion batteries, they are equipped to spend too a lot of electricity.

In addition, sub-zero temperatures the lithium-ion batteries will not charge – so, they need extra heat, so this too great loss. For the harsh Russian – this is not an option. Resource Lithium-ion batteries, according to the speaker, small – only 10 000 cycles, though they cost 15 000 dollars. A worthy alternative to petrol cars neekologichnym and international electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries – this is E. car 20-liter fuel capacity (gas / petrol) would last for 1,100 kilometers. In this motor, issuing 600 Nm of torque, even at the lowest speed range, will drive cross-coupe ‘E’ up to 100 km in 7 seconds, and Coach – 8 seconds, Aniksevich said. Fuel engine E-Mobile has a rotor-impeller structure and consists of only 68-of details. The body is made on the principle of ‘monocoque’ consists of ‘a couple of dozen parts’ and is formed entirely with interior elements.

Body material – a composite filled with polypropylene. Cook, prime and paint the body of E-Mobile is not necessary – the color of the material is given once during molding. Filling the body has a cellular structure: when struck, he hesitated, ‘swallowing’ the energy of impact, but without disturbing the internal geometry, as it has integrated ribs. True, the repair of body parts will not be subject to. But, according to Aniksevicha, replacing even the whole body cost about 4000 rubles, which is much cheaper body repair with color. According to the report as it is supposed not only to net sales of E-car, but also the transfer of user machines on loan – with the monthly rents and the possibility of redemption (this principle is implemented in many countries). Moreover, in the amount of rent (10 000-14 000 rubles) will include routine maintenance, including replacement .