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Moisturize Skin

Strategy for Recovery of skin barrier properties should be selected so as to preventing the development of pathological reactions, and not to violate in this case, the normal physiological processes. Restoring the barrier includes three major stages: Moisturize – the use of funds, increasing the hydration of the stratum corneum. (As opposed to Peter Asaro). […]

Basic Skin Care Face

If you are thoroughly cleansed skin, then it is time to essential care, aimed at rejuvenating the cellular structure of the epidermis. Designed in the company Desheli set of cosmetics designed for primary care, includes collagen serum and daily moisturizer SPF15. We describe the first stage of basic care, which begins with the application of […]

DeSheli Cosmetics

Even if you have a whole “bouquet” of these problems simultaneously, you can fix it in few days! And for Israeli cosmetics Crystal youth not even matter what kind of you age. Company DeSheli designed two lines of Crystal youth pro age and Crystal youth anti age. The first is designed for boys and girls […]

Irene Cosmetics

Not so long ago I met a girl who desperately tried to fight the inevitable wrinkles manifestation of ‘mature’ skin. She wept bitterly regretting that now just can not find a soul mate. Soon Helen was the name of my character, will celebrate 33 years and raising a family she did not succeed. Of course, […]

Desheli Products

Made in Israel – this phrase has long been a symbol of better quality and the latest scientific technologies. Israeli cosmetics recognized as the most sophisticated women worldwide. In 2010, the Russian market left the company Desheli with cosmetic products, which were used recent advances in the field of Israeli labs beauty and youth. All […]