Desheli Products

Made in Israel – this phrase has long been a symbol of better quality and the latest scientific technologies. Israeli cosmetics recognized as the most sophisticated women worldwide. In 2010, the Russian market left the company Desheli with cosmetic products, which were used recent advances in the field of Israeli labs beauty and youth. All products Desheli was repeatedly tested by the leading cosmetology institutes of Israel and Russia and has received the status of high-quality cosmetic products on the international classification. Lines CRYSTAL YOUTH We advise you to try a unique line of cosmetic products ‘Crystal Youth’ from DeSheli and make sure that before you ever get such a result in such a short period of time. After the first application of cosmetic products Crystal Youth, you will see a tangible difference to your skin condition before and after the procedure.

Neither cosmetic line did not give similar results for a single application. The basis of the lines Crystal Youth includes only natural ingredients, based on recent research in the world of cosmetology. All products ‘Anti Age’ completely fill the needs of mature skin. They are actively nourish, moisturize and saturate it, and as strenuously struggling with already showed signs of skin aging, preventing their further development, return to your skin young and supple. Active substances contained in products DeSheli series ‘Anti age’, can purposefully remove skin blemishes and promote its work on a deep cellular level. Natural components have the effect of smoothing, smoothing texture person. The skin is updated through the restoration of its regenerative processes.

Beauty products for young skin up to 35 years Crystal Youth Pro Age superbly clean skin, provide intense moisture, prevent the emergence of the first signs of aging of skin, tone and protect against the negative effects of solar radiation. All this combined gives the skin a healthy and unique well-groomed look! By the way, order a demonstration can be absolutely free of charge by filling out a short form. A unique technology called “Intelligent crystals” is also worth noting that in the production of all products ‘Desheli’ using the latest technology called “intelligent crystals” – a unique active ingredients that give your skin a young, beautiful and radiant after the first application! They are designed to enhance effects of cosmetic preparations, in which they belong, and maximize the effectiveness of its active components, thus helping set up the skin cells at the correct frequency of the original. Cosmetics DeSheli has combined in a complex of all the necessary tools, which are responsible for a professional facial at home. Intensive components of counteracting oxidation, smooths wrinkles and signs of aging, restoring skin elasticity and natural shine. Cosmetics easily absorbed, helping to remove the skin mimic stress. Your skin becomes young and fresh! DeSheli – Warranty Quality and Safety! Cosmetics DeSheli has all the quality certificates. Cosmetic line Crystal Youth are safe and hypoallergenic. Israeli cosmetics DeSheli held a series of special tests, confirming the absence of contraindications and the complete safety of the use of drugs at any age, that she received an honorable place among the elite, innovative and modern facilities to care for face and body, presented at the today. The product quality conforms to DeSheli high level of professionalism and luxury cosmetics.