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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymph – that fluid in the body, which absorbs the cells microbes, waste products, toxins, viruses, drains excess fluid from the intercellular spaces. Lymph is a domestic cleaner the body, its main task – the removal of residues. Its natural flow in the body slowly, it moves through the suction of the skin to the […]

The Role Of Micronutrients

THE ROLE OF Micronutrient nutrition orthomolecular The famous phrase of Hippocrates (Greek physician V century BC and the father of modern medicine): "Let your food be your medicine" could be considered the founding motto of medicine orthomolecular. Science has come a long way since the days of Hippocrates, but its maximum remains: we are what […]

Health Benefits Of Heating Pads

Therefore, it is heated and used as a heating pad. Particularly well from the kidney disease helps light jade. It is worn in During the year, at the waist, with chronic pain and other symptoms completely disappear. That white jade is used in the massage bed Teramaks. In the complex Teramaks there is some program […]

Overweight Issues

Any person suffering from being overweight raises the question of how many meals a day should a person? The answer to this question gives the theory of a balanced diet, it comes from the fact that the need for food – energy source and building material needed for growth and constant renewal of body cells […]

Professional Phone

Summing up the triumphant march of iPhone in the U.S. and Europe, we can say that no mobile phone in the history of cellular communications, attracted much attention. s, an internet resource. Since the start of sales was less than six months, but during this time on the phone there fans across the globe. And […]

Basic Skin Care Face

If you are thoroughly cleansed skin, then it is time to essential care, aimed at rejuvenating the cellular structure of the epidermis. Designed in the company Desheli set of cosmetics designed for primary care, includes collagen serum and daily moisturizer SPF15. We describe the first stage of basic care, which begins with the application of […]

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become part of every human life. Already no one is surprised first-grader, pulled out his cell phone. Phone allows us to stay connected and keep in touch with loved ones and friends. The modern market of cellular phones is incredibly diverse and allows you to choose the best option, focusing in price […]

Nordic Mobile Telephony

Go to digital telecommunications standard for the company became one of the most important strategic decision that was confirmed in the early 70's release switch DX 200. Equipped with a computer at the time high-level language and microprocessors, Intel, he was so successful that even today the idea embodied in it are the foundation for […]

Construction Material

Structure, defects and quality of timber is determined by its origin. As a result, plant growth conditions and tree wood has a tubular-layered fibrous structure. The barrel consists of: 1) cortex, 2) cambium, 3) sapwood, 4) kernel, 5) core. Wood fibers are concentric layers around the axis of the barrel, which is called yearly layers […]