Basic Skin Care Face

If you are thoroughly cleansed skin, then it is time to essential care, aimed at rejuvenating the cellular structure of the epidermis. Designed in the company Desheli set of cosmetics designed for primary care, includes collagen serum and daily moisturizer SPF15. We describe the first stage of basic care, which begins with the application of a collagen serum. This tool is responsible for intense smoothing wrinkles. The composition of serum from a kit Desheli includes biologically active substances, characterized by very high concentration that allows one to quickly achieve visible and sustained results. Serum actively opposed to the aging process, as well as maximizes gently stimulate and enhance its own capacity of cells. He also is well absorbed and, thanks to its quality, an excellent basis for creams day and night activities that you will also find a set of Israeli cosmetics Desheli.

Apply serum Desheli is on clean skin. Before application is also recommended to make light facial massage. When the first phase came to an end, proceed to deliver a daily moisturizing cream SPF15, which is part of a cosmetic set, proposed by Desheli. The cream is applied to light massage movements on the face, neck, and a line cleavage. It includes the so-called ‘intelligent crystals’ (the development of members of the Israeli plant for the production of cosmetics Hlavin) and sunscreens UVAUVB. Therefore also recommend using the cream before the way you are thinking of going outside on hot sunny days. The most important task of the day cream cosmetics set Desheli? -? To strengthen the protective function of the skin, given to her by nature. Active anti-oxidants prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation and light emulsion regulates the moisture balance, thus helping to soothe the skin and giving it smoothness and elasticity. Once you have dealt daily moisturizer Desheli, you can safely proceed to spray make-up.