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The national TV Guide magazine was first published on 3 April 1953. On the cover of its first ion featured a photograph of the son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr. TV Guide is a national publication resulted from the purchase by Triangle Publications (owned by Walter Annenberg), numerous publications of regional […]


Faced with the great problems of electricity generation that lived Colombia in the early nineties, the state published in 1992 and 1994 decrees and laws allowing private sector participation in power generation by the figure of independent generators, became the generation and marketing in competitive activities and spread their marketing activities and business generation transport […]

Problems with an

Problems with an image XX Hello. Article Davy Jones, put a picture on the template of characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, in fact, if you give him the button, you see that puts image Jones.jpg Davy, but in the article, this image is not but you see the image that was before saying, “We […]

Museums Romantic

Museums XX Romantic Museum. The museum recognized by the National Network of Museums in the city are: Romantic Museum: works in a neoclassical style mansion in the traditional neighborhood of El Prado. Displays objects representing the history and culture of the city, from costumes Carnival queens, even a replica of the old ridge Abello (now […]

The Incredible but true story of Little Red Riding Hood

RDITelephone networks have undergone a long evolution from its birth until today. These networks, the idea arose to allow communication between users spoken to were not on the same site, will be the basis of what is called information superhighway, that is, will be the basis of a network that will allow any type of […]


The marketing information systems are permanent structures, organized, structured holistic and people-to-date technology and procedures aimed at the preservation, processing and dissemination of information to facilitate decision making by those responsible for the organization , why an information system is very important to marketing executives since been tabled to these structured, namely that the system […]

Know the “chassis of Marketing”!

Usually, kedah all kuantan you know terengganu are the numbers of pahang indicators petaling jaya in taman red, and the great sarawak secret of this chassis is able to control and senarai manipulate the other 5 malasyia indicators that are in black.And you know what is the difference between kelantan an SME to disappear, and […]

First Event of ICSALUD-MDP

13 S LIBRARY SPECIALIST IN FIELDS OF HEALTH, OF THIS CITY, AS A WORKING GROUP THEY WILL LAUNCH Health insurance ITS ACT AND DISPLAY OF SOME OF ITS electronics, hospital Free and open access. headquartered in Miami, Florida understands the serious financial challenges faced by people who cannot otherwise afford to purchase major medical insurance […]

Thirst for Revenge – Quantum of Solace 007

QUANTUM fort condos OF SOLACE, James Bond 007 James Bond returns to the big screen. Following the success of vacation Casino Royale, Daniel Craig vacation homes turns to give life to the best agent 007. On this occasion townhouses used his license to kill to avenge the death of apartments his girlfriend. It is the […]

THE NAZI CONNECTION BUNGE BORN WITH THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION AND THE OPERATION CONDOR 20Brussell 20Articles/Nazi 20Connection 20to 20JFK 20Assass.html The Nazi connection with the assassination of John F. producing the best research and leadership literature will elevate and enhance our understanding of one of the most critical issues facing senior management today extended their market reach into the middle market with the introduction of Futurestep, our outsourced […]