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Repair Of Soft Roofing

Major repairs of the roof – to restore and strengthen the roof. Roof – is an essential element of any building. The quality of its execution depends on the security of the building and its visitors. But no matter how professional, nor was soft roof installed, will come when it will be repaired. The main […]

New Products

New Product: Aqua SL-415-Schichtlack represents a new generation of clean lacquers Water-based company from Remmers, he was introduced to the German Woodworking Fair a huge success. Applications: furniture, interior design and in particular for doors, used as a primer and as a finishing layer, used as a topcoat when using colored paints. Properties: very beautiful […]

Russian Federation Houses

The question of housing in Russia is relevant, perhaps, even more than in other countries. Many are not only young people but also deep in the age of just dreaming to buy their own homes. Somebody save money, someone takes a mortgage, that would buy coveted square footage. In recent months, Ali Partovi has been […]

Home Cinema Installations

Modern flat-screen TVs, this is a genuine incarnation of the latest technology, they create an amazingly vivid and contrasting image, thereby, are popular among gourmets ideal image. However, the susceptibility of the design tv and other AV equipment to shock, vibration, in the same way the need for selective ventilation requires specialized AV-furniture for home […]


More specifically: to find a professional architect, interior designer rooms, which will lay the foundation of successful realization of all construction and repair works, correctly assessed the area of all rooms in the house, their location, layout of your home, and put in his imagination a new kind of residential space. Better off without the […]

Plaster And Putty Stan

If you want to do in my apartment is really a quality repair, you can not do without the work of plastering the walls and bear a layer of putty Cause This happens for the reason that most cases of uneven wall surface, the angles are not equal to 90 degrees and the surface is […]

Canada Vinyl

Which to choose siding?. While understanding the type of siding materials, of which it is derived, we can define four types: – wooden – asbestos – Vinyl – metal for decoration at home, I would recommended to choose vinyl siding because of its low cost, light weight and durability. On top of that material of […]

Preparing Construction

This is a wonderful day, after many experiences, views, expectations you finally get the keys from the apartment. To put it more accurately, you get the keys to the walls, floors and ceilings, because most of the apartments for rent in operation without finishing. But to make this room an apartment to you. It is […]

The Arbors

Problem designer – to make as open as possible to review the most advantageous point of the garden (flower beds, single flowering trees, rock garden, fountain, alpine slide) and disguise unattractive at the same time (for example, beds, hozblok or trash can). TYPES arbors When it comes to form, the choice here depends entirely on […]

Administrative Code

Of the Administrative Code, unauthorized alterations to dwellings in apartment houses sanctioned by administrative fines. Please note that the requirement could be followed balansoderzhatelya (owner) of a building to bring the room to its former state. Based on experience, strongly recommend to make alterations to issue documents, which allows you to avoid many problems in […]