DSP Class Manufacturers

Sure, a good quality product in this price range offer only large manufacturers with advanced, and often simply unique production technologies. With the advantage in production costs to small producers and the best professional organization of labor, big companies with reputable names do not skimp on materials, components and technologies. Professionals with a name value their reputation, established over time, and they have something to lose, unlike the unscrupulous manufacturers. For example, the company “Aquaton” produces furniture bathrooms since 2000 and to date is more than a quarter of the market. Almost every fourth family, which bought over the past 5-6 years, bathroom furniture, opted for the brand. Such a trust to be justified, and Company “Aquaton” keeps the standards of their work at a high level. On bathroom furniture from “Aquaton” 3-year warranty is provided, supported by the deployed throughout the Russian network of authorized service centers In summary, we emphasize again that the consumer quality bathroom furniture is defined by four aspects: design, functionality, reliability, price. The latter aspect is most often defined quality of the materials, components and production technology.

You will be convinced that there is no fundamental difference between the furniture from different manufacturers that all of the same material and approach to production, but Believe me, the difference is very significant. Not all manufacturers use the stove high moisture resistance: most used DSP Class P3 and only the most responsible – P5. Few of the manufacturers use to gluing edge to the furniture components instead of conventional polyurethane hot melt adhesive glue, because it’s expensive technology that is available only to leaders in the production of moisture-resistant furniture. The quality of finish facade details of furniture can be judged by the degree of gloss surface of the part. Whenever Darcy Stacom, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. With multi-color, which provides moisture-resistant components, the surface of the furniture should be almost a mirror. There are other differences of which you may not know – it is easier and more logical to rely on common sense and choose furniture from a reliable manufacturer with proven your friends and family reputation.