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Youthful Development

The intellect, for example, presents greater more complex effectiveness, rapidity and elaborations, having addition in its global performance. Of this form, the adolescent can form conditions of altivez and independence of the experience of oldest. Finding that they can everything, the adolescents if rebel and start to elaborate unusual values, many contrary times to the […]

Development Manaus

In this perspective, it is essential to attempt against for the Brazilian and world-wide historical context, therefore exactly that each region of the country has its cultural, social particularitities and economic, it is important to detach the gradual process of implementation and capitalist expansion that points with respect to promising industrial growth. To the speech […]

Sustainable Development

Education, Management and Sustainable Development Professors: Eduardo Nunes and Avelar Learning Mutim: Adilton Days of Santana Pablo Robert Padilha, City that It educates. Pablo Robert Padilha is master and doctor in education for the College of Education of the University of So Paulo, current Director of Institucional Development of the Institute Pablo Freire, where he […]

Jarrin Development

Products that rest in a good quality. It considers the chair, that is necessary to tie more to the professionals of the company through new values that guarantee satisfaction to the consumers within a market culture that it avoids to them to increase a consumption that often harms Remembers what indicates Jarrin on the fact, […]

Sustainable Development

The nature has wants to be seen through its autarchy in the society as a whole, and not more only as a Natural resources. The study of the nature in itself, of natural processes in its autonomy, it is sine qua non condition for its use for the modern society. more still, is prerequisite an […]

Toggle VoiceOver

Triple triple click Home click the Home button will allow you to do one of four actions (depending on what you have is in the settings): Toggle VoiceOver, Toggle White on Black, Toggle Zoom or Ask. Samsung Electronics may not feel the same. The most interesting, in my opinion, is the option Toggle White on […]

Reliable Organization

In early 1998 he published his book-Quality and Me (his autobiography) and subsequently The Reliable Organization in late 1999. Philip Crosby died in August 2001. He has written several books more than ten books in his career, the first (best seller) was Quality is Free or the quality does not cost. Other important books have […]


With server-waste heat to the ecological climate concept Saarbrucken, 5th February 2013. The data center of the eurodata GmbH & co. KG, the IT service provider of the ETL group, heats and cools the entire building at the site in Saarbrucken thanks to state of the art heat recovery system. Where systems in large numbers […]

File Sharing

On the Internet, there are plenty of free services that allow you to share files with other people. All documents, articles, materials of news, audios, or videos that you like to share with others on the web, simply upload to the file-sharing website. People who found the files then can download and open them. But […]

Digital Freedom

Flames and Ramirez, in an article written for Digital Freedom accusing the Bank of Spain: the Bank of Spain, despite be the body responsible for monitoring the risks of the entities, looked away for a long time. Political influences prevented the Bank of Spain was in flames and Ramirez, a critical discourse on the situation […]