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Mondejar Insurance

If you trust the insurance offers insurance MMT and own one of them, either an insurance to third parties, any risk or any other modality, you can enjoy the advantages offered by the MMT insurance workshop. The mutual workshop, created in 1932, has extensive facilities of 10.000 m2 in the street Marques de Mondejar 25, […]

Losing Time

Time is not lost since humans don’t have time as material entity in their hands, i.e., is not a property, but a reality that affects everything that exists. The passage of time affects not only the physical world but also to the spiritual world. The body gets older with the passage of the years, but […]

United States

For example, the prestigious brand Lacoste started in United States with prices below forty dollars, against tough competition that had there. But the low margins that had made him lose their quality, which sales fell, which he pushed to further reduce their prices in the year 2001, they gave a change to its policy and […]

The Pope And His Visit To Spain

The Pope is not welcome, by all Spaniards is heard in initiatives with slogans such as: No to the Pope’s visit. Not with my taxes, or that accompanied him on his last visit from the Valencian balconies you don’t expect. Spain is at the end, after all according to the Constitution, a non-denominational State where […]

Building Waste Disposal

In recent years, with the continuously implemented of the large-scale urban construction development, the processing of construction waste has become a development difficult issues need to be resolved in the process of construction and urban management. The growing number of proper disposal of construction waste has become a pressing issue, landfill, piled up and so […]

20 Tips To Be Motivated

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams (Eleanor Roosevelt) with the hustle and bustle of life and the negative news transmitted by the various media, how to keep the motivation? Here we leave some suggestions: 1. avoid people, places and negative things. 2 Believe in yourself, and what you […]