Losing Time

Time is not lost since humans don’t have time as material entity in their hands, i.e., is not a property, but a reality that affects everything that exists. The passage of time affects not only the physical world but also to the spiritual world. The body gets older with the passage of the years, but the spirit also wiser becomes, i.e. transforms. On other occasions, it also happens that the heart closes as a result of a loving disappointment or a betrayal. Therefore, the human being lives in time. It is born and dies.

It runs different stages from infancy to old age. But beyond that time is not a real material property is in the hands of humans the truth is a common feeling of be wasting time when we feel that we have the mind in a project that is not going to come to fruition, in the same way, we also feel that we are wasting time with someone when even though we give thousands of opportunities to make a story change but everything remains the same. Time is a precious commodity and the life a gift so immense that we should perhaps learn to resign. Renounce everything that does not make us well, away from people who do not value us as much want them, think about our well-being rather than in the others, otherwise, soon you can feel used. Earn time and infinite shape, when you learn to live in touch with your inner self, i.e., when you discover your essential truth and know who you are, what you want and what you want to do with your life. Time is gained when you dare to drive the helm of this boat called life with freedom and that can lead you to happiness if you dare to take the risk of fulfill your wishes. Sometimes, time is also lost in love because there are relationships that are harmful to self-esteem from the beginning and when we already encounter of face to face with the reality, we feel the disappointment of not giving us account in time.In this case, we have to assume that we’ve been blind consciously since it is not worth paying any price for a good time. How much longer leave pass on a love relationship or friendship not satisfies you most is the sense of frustration that you will have when the link breaks irretrievably in the future. Therefore, your life, your time and your present valued to discover who you are, what you want and what you want to do today and now. Without a doubt, you can discover the taste of the now, thanks to the magic of original author and source of the article.