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The Marriage

Because he is but rational to believe from the beginning in a single God, that to believe in several Gods. Because he is but rational to believe in an invisible God, that in an image. Because he is but rational to believe in a God that loves the sanctity and detests the badness, that to […]

Western Heart

On the basis of Western traditions of thought, we divide the Sciences today in nature and mind Sciences, or materially and in the material. This following classification derives from: Vitalistisch mechanistically management = 1st degree > Cybernetics 3. degree nature (1 conversion circuit cultures (n value chains) management second-degree = > Cybernetics second-degree management 3rd […]

Molecular Science

New hope for treatment of the hiv virus by using a small molecule, discovered by Italian researchers. Scientists of the Laboratory of Molecular Virology, headed by Giovanni Maga, the Institute for Molecular Genetics National Research Council of Pavia (Igm-Cnr), in collaboration with the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Siena, "fished" active molecules able to […]