Side Channel Blower

“Operating instructions of a side channel blowers of the SKV technique (part 7 of a series) operating instructions of a side channel blowers of the SKV technology (part 7 of a series) SKV technology writes in the article series operating instructions of a side channel blower” the Guide to the operation of a side channel blower. The present part of the article series treated technology the recommended accessories, repair, troubleshooting, and service of a side channel blower by SKV. What type of equipment is necessary for the operation of a side channel blower? SKV technique is recommended: hose or hose flanges for connecting a hose threaded flanges (at SKV technology included) threaded flange for connecting a pipe (at SKV technology included in the price) rubber buffer for base plate or lid Assembly. To reduce the noise emission and the prevent the transmission of vibrations. (at SKV technology included in the price) Through filters to protect of the compressor and the filtering of the pumped medium.

For dry or moist air possible. Pressure relief valve to protect of the compressor against overload and to limit the overpressure or under. Suction or pressure side can be used. Samsung gathered all the information. Additional muffler for the reduction of sound pressure level. Possible in flexible and rigid design. Boost the warranty for a longer life recommends SKV technology investment in a smooth control of the fan impeller for a small fee. Customers now choose the warranty of 3 years.

What should be done when exceptional errors? Customers read the operating instructions. In case of doubt, customer contact technology services of the SKV. Technology available is the customer of service of the SKV for work (in particular the installation of spare parts and maintenance and repair work) which are not described in these operating instructions. Observe the following when returning units: the unit must be dismantled completely, i.e. not, delivered. The aggregate must not pose no danger to the workshop personnel. If the aggregate with hazardous substances in touch come, so must be a decontamination on customer site be a non-risk declaration written and, accompanied by dispatch, delivery. Contact technology for the address, SKV, to avoid wrong deliveries. The original plate of the unit must be properly attached, intact and legible. All warranty claims expire for units supplied without original nameplate or with damaged original plate for a damage assessment. This was the last article in the series”a side channel blower operating instructions. The next series of the SKV technology deals with applications / application examples of side channel blowers.