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Buy Smartphones – What Should You Be Aware Of?

The selection of smartphones is now great. What should you look for when buying a Smartphone? Latest mobile phones can send much more than just calling and Texting. They offer numerous interfaces and functions that can be more or less useful in the everyday use of mobile phones. What should you look for when buying […]

An Update On The Latest Mobile Phones

So you want to buy a new mobile phone. All you need to do with it is text, call and maybe surf the Internet once in a while? but hey, how much of that you do? You’re one of those guys who only needs to call. Not hyped by technology. You want to buy a […]

Internet Via Cellular Network

As mobile browsing with DSL speed was made possible the use of the Internet via the mobile network is on the rise. In addition to the continuous evolution of mobile devices and decreasing data costs, the speed with which data can be transferred, plays a central role. Few years ago data transfers with the GSM […]

LTE Mobile – High Speed From 2011 In Germany

Speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s in download should be achievable. LTE is the successor technology of the current mobile Internet format of UMTS and HSDPA. This is the acronym LTE for Lon-term evolution. This technology is a maximum download rate of 300 MB / s possible and an upload rate of up […]

Technology Centre

first such Conference platform of in Germany today extended a video option, which now also video conferencing will allow your under call available telephone service of conferencing the woopla GmbH from Duisburg. A reserved conference participant”get the URL to the video room today along with the EMail invitation and the access data for the […]

LTE North America

New mobile communications standard is the hope of the industry Bonn/Nurnberg – during the auction of six frequency blocks in the Bonn Federal Network Agency for the new mobile communications standard LTE (long term evolution / 4 G) already have exceeded the four-billion-euro mark, the experts for the next few years is a rapid increase […]

Internet Flat

The best UMTS flat rate offers in July 2012 mobile Flatrate compares since 2008 the mobile Internet flat rates in Germany. This will allow over the cellular network via mobile phone and other devices, such as laptop Internet access with download rates of up to 100 MB / s. However, the most mobile Internet […]

SMS AllNet

Both to the phone, texting as well as August is characterized not by significant changes for the mobile Internet. While some actions are expired others were continued or new set up. How this affects flats on the cheapest AllNet learn the following per mobile network. The planned acquisition of eplus by o2 shows currently does […]