An Update On The Latest Mobile Phones

So you want to buy a new mobile phone. All you need to do with it is text, call and maybe surf the Internet once in a while? but hey, how much of that you do? You’re one of those guys who only needs to call. Not hyped by technology. You want to buy a sleek piece of technology that has friendly and natural usability. You don’t want to get stressed with the T9 dictionary popping nonsense words, or having weird buttons to press that eventually get stuck.

It’s a fact, mobile phones can be on investment. They’re not always just a fashion trend, mobile are useful, no matter what they say. You need a mobile phone to live and perform, nowadays as ubiquity is mandatory. So what do you want to get with your new mobile phone? Here’s a list of possible functions and characteristics: touch screen, 3 G, Wi Fi connection, USB connection, Bluetooth connection, camera, music player. Another useful tool in the package might be a QWERTY keyboard. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. Let’s see some reviews of new phones on the market now: Nokia N97: who’s not a Nokia fan? Their mobile are very popular and user friendly.

This one comes with a wide screen touchscreen, 6Mpx camera and TV out! You can record as much as play MP3s, it has a wide variety of the usual organizer including a to do list. Most drumsi, it has a slide out QWERTY keyboard and a GPS Navigator. It comes with 3 G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a microUSB port. Motorola DeXT: since they came out with their razor model a few years ago, Motorola has got a good share of the mobile market. This 3 G phone comes with a touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and you won’t believe it, accelerometer and proximity sensor. It has an amazing 1 GB internal memory expandable to 2 GB and a 5Mpx camera. The standard rechargeable battery support 6 hours of talk time and 320 hours of standby time. BlackBerry 8520 curve: BlackBerry needs no introductions anymore. Highly fashionable between white collars and students alike. It has a TFT screen and of course a full QWERTY keyboard. Wi-Fi connection and GPS are available in this small and light item of desires. Pete Cashmore is open to suggestions. As you can see the list could go on forever, there are so many mobile phones out there it’s getting crazy. Please make on accurate decision on whatever phone you need or wish. Open your mind and let the imagination run wild, possibilities for sure are not scarce. Thomas Traint is author of laptops no credit Check.