New Technology

A unique opportunity for Spain. The prestigious CeBIT, which is represented half the world, and involved about 5,000 companies, has appointed guest country to Spain. More than 80 Spanish companies go to the fair which is held every spring. Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade Miguel Sebastian, at the official presentation of Spain as a player at CeBIT 2010 noted: "Great opportunity for Spain, for their technological momentum." PCTV web.Ya has updated its beginning with the Spanish language, and translate your website gradually to the main European languages. With a more modern design and intuitive navigation for users, has launched the new PCTV web. The website is a space that seeks to be closer to the consumer and offers information on both its product and its latest releases. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit altavista. According to the company, these improvements respond to the use of new technologies, and especially the adjustment of consumer needs Current.

Allows not only greater and easy updating of content, the display on all browsers and better positioning. A virtual image clearer to customers and fans of new technologies to navigate, or just check product information more quickly and more easily. Hear other arguments on the topic with Energy Capital Partners. A simple escape where you can see photos of all their products. Can also be downloaded from it, your software TVCenter 6.20. The new site is functional and is more convenient than ever. "We wanted to make it much simpler, visual and practical. Another reason why it has been renewed by the customer demand. We have enhanced the classification of products by continent, as they are different TV models. And within each of paragraphs: hybrid, digital, satellite, etc… " It makes available to users who want to know all the details of a product before buying, and the possibility of discharges, and more technical information on various products. The website provides all the information of their current products and corporate, with a section for high-resolution photos for the press.