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Bibliographical Language

As it says Cagliari: The modern school if involved in a confusion of theories and methods, but if it moved away in fact, of the reality of its pupils. What it made the school? I believe that nor proper it knows to explain. She is necessary to recoup the wire of the hank and to […]

Educational Informational Technologies

Oldest and more used education method it is the verbalizao, the speech. Many professors still believe the use of long speeches as form of the promotion of the learning. In its great majority, the maximum that these professors obtain is that the alunado one decorates the points most important of what is being presented in […]

New Year

Justino Amorim Da Silva – Bachelor in Social Sciences /Blog:/Cellular Phone: (91) 9195-5930. ADVENT, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR the period of advent that means the good wait of the new, waits of the new child, the new possible world, the preparation for the coming of Jesus the prophet of all the nations as it says […]

Woman Society

The women who worked received 30% unless the men, with this advantage arrived the point of the employers to admit many women and children, why thus, the profit would be with certainty, greater. The poor woman surrounded by completely off an official morality of its reality lived between the cross and the sword. scarce and […]

Interpreting The Law

The interpreter proceeds to the interpretation of the normative texts and concomitant, the facts, luck that the way under which the events that compose the case if present also goes to think in determinative way about the production of (s) the norm (s) applicable (here it is) to the case. … Vele to say: it […]