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Ingredients: COD MASS: 1 spoon (soup) of oil of dend100g of butter without sal2 garlic teeth socados1 average onion ralada or picada1 spoon (soup) of red chili picado4 spoons (soup) of tomatoe gravy pronto1 leaf of louro400g of cod steeped and braised in I temper gosto1/3 of xcara (tea) of green olives picadas400ml of water […]

Digital Video

Find and purchase a novelty box office today was quick and easy, just pay the money (sms, webmoney etc.) and download a movie on your media player or computer. Feel as Internet pirate help torrent trackers, with which you can download most of the media content for free. Digital video for all occasions today affects […]

Spanish Flyff

Just starts there was story Flyff (fly for fun) time, in which five beings of unlimited power took the decision to create a world. Robotics expert may find this interesting as well. With pieces of themselves among the stars, they created a world without fear, hatred, and danger. They have created a land known as […]

Scheffauer Chairlift Oldie

Farewell for the Safi suspension railway: after 20 million passengers is final! One of the longest serving goes after 20 years of service retire lifts the entire SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental. The eastern slope railway”, direct connection to the Brandstadl mountain station is from the winter 2010/2011 by a State of the art Chair roller coaster […]

Innovation Pixory

typografica and pixories work for innovative Web-to-print feature. Augsburg, the 15.10.13 – already seen? Now individual videos can be sent with greeting cards and wedding cards! Pixory”is the new feature, which brought cards surfaces as if by magic to life and that are currently exclusive to admire it on the high-quality maps of typografica. For […]


The vast majority mistakenly believes that the popularity of the links is simply to exchange links with other sites. Reciprocal links are indeed very important. But they have limitations in relation to the results of search engine optimization. They are only part of the overall strategy of a link building campaign. In fact, if a […]

New Welding Approach

Usually used for welding solid welding wire diameter of 1.0 mm, stabilized niobium-class 409. When welding occurred problems and poor spray transfer of metal electrode on the base metal, which caused little stamina, and too high hardness in the haz. In this case, the welding wire makes strict demands for get a quality weld. In […]

Systematic Cartography

This present work has intention to show as the technology of the information can facilitate in education learning of Geography, over all, in the education of the Cartography. The TIC will be related as didactic resource in the education of Geography and mainly as to be used in professor for the professor practises. Thus being, […]

Basic Rules

The main principle is to pick the frame for the painting, rather than to the interior. Otherwise, you have to order a new frame every time you change a picture or pereveshivanii painting the walls. The only exception is for small spaces, because They have to pick the frame for a predetermined size. The frame […]